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  • Jessi

    XS Launches Discord Server Updates!

    Article By: XGN Jessi 7XS

    You might have noticed lately, and if you haven’t you are either in the wrong place or you’re totally missing out! The Discord servers for Xiled Syndicate and all of their Communities have made a BIG change for the better. Recently we have seen the dissolvement of the individual Divisional servers in favor of a singular Community server. This makes it much easier for the Community Staff and for members as well. 

    I had the chance to chat with Mr XGN, Mrs XGN, and Xiled Nate about the work they have done to bring these new Discord servers to life and what the benefits to these changes are. Coming from them, the benefits and the big picture hold nothing but positivity and evolution in the way we utilize Discord as a Community. Ease of access and security are also huge factors in the changes as well. So let’s dive in, and let’s hear what these great Leaders each had to say about the new Discord set up!

    Xiled Nate; XS Chief Administration Officer & Director of Discord Operations

    What are the key integrations involved in the new Discord?

    “Ticketed support system to keep support in private conversations instead of out in the public where everyone can see. Restructured and universal format allows automation of future bots with CMS and website integration.”

    Are there features involved now that were not before?

    “We now have a more fleshed-out LFG area, notification specific roles so people only get notified about the type of announcements they want to get notified about, fun-zones such as Pokemon and Casino bots with more to come in the future. Community Servers now have cross-divisional and guest areas for the entire community to get to know each-other.”

    How will the server updates affect exclusive Discord roles that members might have had in their individual Division servers?

    “There simply will not be exclusive Discord roles in the Community Servers; these will be exclusive to the XS Server.”

    What type of criticism have you received thus far about the new servers?

    “A lot of people don't like change nor the sense of "giving up" something they felt ownership of, such as a Division Server. Most of the criticism has stemmed from the lack of all the custom structure they may have had going on in their prior Division Server and the fact that they have to share with other Divisions now and lose the "self identity" associated with being in your own server.”

    What benefits will these server changes bring to members that will make navigation of the servers easier?

    “This fundamentally brings forth security and uniformity across all XS affiliated communities. This setup ensures that if you ever leave or just delete Discord for 20 years, you can always come back and the server will still be there and you would know exactly where to go; as well as anyone changing over to another XS affiliated community would not have to re-learn everything all over again as they would have a familiar layout they can understand.”

    Mrs XGN; Xiled Gamer Girls President, XS Co-Director of Discord Operations

    You played an important role in the creation of the new XS Community Discord servers, what parts did you specifically handle? 

    “Over the last several months I've gotten to know Cory (Mr XGN), and the Xiled Syndicate community very well. And also a lot of the shared concerns of its leadership. After attending my first ever Xiled Syndicate Council meeting I let Mr XGN know I had the experience and skills needed to construct a Discord server capable of maintaining a community of any size. I did most of the development, set-up, and layout but through-out the process many people helped to bring this server to life. Especially Mr XGN, XGN STORM VII, Xiled Nate, Xiled Bree, Xiled Cali & Xiled Cuppey.”

    How much of a hassle was it to compile all of the individual Division Discord servers to one main Community server? 

    “It wasn't that much of a hassle. It was fairly easy. Just time-consuming. The hassle was making sure everyone understood the new discord, and how it operates.”

    What channels can we expect in the future for the servers? Will you be open to channel suggestions from members? 

    “There are currently not any new channels being planned. There are however a lot of custom bots in the works. And we're always accepting suggestions of what the community would like to see, members may notice a newly created suggestion box inside their division. Making sure every division had a way to bring their suggestions forward was a priority for me.”

    Have you received any negative criticism from members thus far?

    “Yea, with any change or evolution there will be people not happy. I didn't take it personally, and since most have come to understand all the good this accomplishes.”

    What do you expect the new Discord changes to bring to the members as far as ease of access or even any additional benefits?

    “TBH I see Staff and especially members who have to be apart of more than 1 server as the people to see the most improvement. Within 15 mins of joining all the XGN discord servers alone, I was very overwhelmed. Each division server had a completely different layout. All the roles were named something different in each server. I/m not sure how Staff managed to do their jobs so efficiently for so long. I'm confident the experience members receive from staff has greatly improved. And that was the goal behind this change.”

    Mr XGN; Xiled Syndicate Owner and President

    What prompted the decision to update the various XS Community Discord servers? 

    “Well, it's something we've kind of always wished we could do yeano? When we first migrated to the Discord platform the app simply did not have the ability to operate multiple Divisions, and that's how we assumed it remained. However, Zay (Mrs XGN) showed me that wasn't the case. She has a lot of experience with Discord, and large servers so having someone able to show you the concept working first hand made all this possible now vs. later.”

    What benefit did you estimate from dissolving the individual Division Discord servers into one main Community server? 

    “I'm sure most people can imagine the obvious benefits of operating all Divisions within 1 server. Such as; Discord favors larger servers, vanity URL, more communication, more cooperation, more collaboration, etc. I could go on and on, there literally are more pros to this move than people would like to read. But to sum it up, safety in many ways. We're an organization that accepts members under the age of 18, and our Leadership has a responsibility to protect all members, but especially minors. By all Divisions being under one umbrella, the ability for staff to do their duties efficiently has just greatly improved. There have NEVER been more eyes on these Divisions than now, and that should make all members feel happy and secure.”

    Has there been much pushback from Division Leaders in discontinuing their individual servers? 

    “Honestly, far less than expected. Anyone who would leave over such a clear innovation isn't someone I'd want here. I'm happy the vast majority felt the same.”

    Will XS still welcome Community fans into the server, and in what capacity will they be able to access features of the server itself? 

    “Yes, we noticed some XS Divisions allowed guests, some didn't. Now all Discord servers are open to the public, especially the Xiled Syndicate server. Nearly all features of the XS server are Public!”

    I’d like to thank Xiled Nate, Mr XGN, and Mrs XGN for taking the time to chat with me and discuss the new changes to our Discord servers. For myself, I see first hand how much easier it is. In my positions as XS Chief of Journalism and XS Chief of AAP, it was very taxing to be able to make announcements for these Departments as I needed to make sure each Community had a Divisional server for me to join. On top of that needing to ensure I had the correct permissions to post announcements as well, this did become tough when there were at least 15-20 servers. Now that all of our XS Communities have their own servers, it is much quicker and easier to get announcements out to the members! 

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