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    Xiled Brand Launch: Xiled Warframe!

    Written By: Xiled Jessi 7

    As of recent you may have seen the release of several Xiled Brands. One of these Brands to recently launch is Xiled Warframe. This specific group is centered around, you guessed it right, Warframe. I had the chance to talk to XGN Osiris 7 a little bit just the other day, to ask a few questions about his involvement and what Xiled Warframe is to accomplish. 

    How did Xiled Warframe come about? The idea for a Community within XS solely based on one game.

    "A couple weeks ago I had the idea to begin a Warframe clan in game for XGN. It was meant to be cross-divisional. Warframe is an untapped source of potential players where a lot of time is spent to better yourself in the game. Mr XGN messaged me about the opportunity to expand on the idea and to partner with Xiled Syndicate to create the community. Even though Warframe is only one game, there is a lot you can do in the game to help other gamers."

    What is it like being the Owner of a Community? Do you have any other Staff that you are working with?

    "Being the owner of a community is a lot like being a General of a division in a way. My goal as an owner is for the people who join the community to have a great time. Whether your experienced in Warframe or beginning, you will have help to be able to grow your character and gameplay. I have a great group of admins and staff with me. All have been helpful and even teaching me things about the game or discord. Mr & Mrs XGN have been incredibly helpful in helping get this started on social media platforms. As far as the community I have a special thanks to XGN Typhoon 7 who has been the Head of Administration and Social Media. He has been extremely helpful in helping get things organized. Xiled Emerald 7 has also helped out a great deal with advice on advertising, and partnering with Xiled Kingdom. And of course XGN Zemus 7 and XGN LunaStar who have been awesome with in game assistance. There are many others, it truly a team experience."

    For those who aren't familiar, what is Warframe about? 

    "Warframe is an RPG in a lot of ways. A lot of comparisons to Destiny other than comp and The game is also 3rd person. There different quests that have different stories, along the way new Warframes and weapons to discover. It’s a very different experience than other games."

    Do you plan to be able to hold Warframe Events or Tournaments?

    "I do plan on doing events with Warframe for sure. In time as we grow and get more players, and bringing more players to the In game clan we will definitely look to bring some events down the road."

    Can gamers be members of Xiled Warframe and another XS Community at the same time, or do they have to choose one or the other?

    "ANYONE is welcome to Xiled Warframe. For now, Xiled Warframe is strictly based on the Warframe game.
    No matter what community your in within XS, you are welcome to join Xiled Warframe. Also we will look for new gamers outside of XS to join us as well. The discord is linked to the main Xiled Syndicate Discord. It will be an opportunity to bring them in and help them grow with other games as well as Warframe."

    What else can you tell us about Xiled Warframe from your perspective and experience in game? What do you want gamers to know the most about this community?

    "Honestly, I wanted to create Xiled warframe to be able to help gamers with the game but also to expand on the mission that Xiled Syndicate was created in the first place. I’ve met a lot of awesome people and have been able to mentor awesome people who have grown to be fantastic leaders. When I first joined XGN I wanted to grow and become a Division Leader for my Division at the time was Devils Rejects. In the time, I’ve been in XGN it has changed to where you don’t have to be a Director, etc., to be able to create an experience for gamers. Just at the rank of founder I’ve been able to partner with Xiled Syndicate to create something that can give our gamers and new gamers a complete new experience. Xiled Warframe for now is based off one game, but in the future it may be based off Warframe but have other games that are become apart of it. In real life my job is to think outside the box, and I welcome anyone who can help Xiled Warframe grow to the next level. As for in game experience, I’ve met a lot of gamers who are confused about it, don’t know which way is up, and this community can be a guide for those players to become seasoned Warframe players and welcome new players whom are curious.
       The main thing I want people to understand about Xiled Warframe is that this community is welcome to anyone. There are popular games like Destiny 2 that automatically get gamers. A lot of gamers have never tried Warframe, and there’s also a lot that are dedicated to it. Warframe is a complete new experience that is fully customizable. So I’d say “don’t knock it till you try it”. Xiled Warframe will grow, and I hope it grows even further with our Xiled Syndicate members first. We are definitely looking for people to help in their area of expertise. Xiled Tex on the XGN clans ops council, has joined and I made her an admin immediately. I have never seen her play Warframe, but she is an amazing person and has offered to be there whenever I need help. Just that value alone is awesome and 100% welcome."

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