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    BGL Venom XS

    Xiled League Mid-Season Update!

    Article By: BGL Venom XS 

    Mid Season for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is happening right now in the Xiled League, and I’m here to bring the updates of what is currently happening! I got to meet with BGL Cloth XS (Head of Siege) to get the most detailed events that have happened so far this season. The next season is coming in April, but here’s what going on now!

    “Standings wise, Outlast Academy is currently in first place, they are from OTO, the eSports team sponsoring Xiled Syndicate. Game or Die and Banished Gaming Legends are currently tied for second with Double Helix being in third. The rest of the teams are about 20 points away from third place and all relatively close to one another. The current season of Siege has definitely shown that no team is unbeatable considering the majority of underdog versus top dog team matches have been resulting in the underdog claiming the victory.

    The current season has definitely shown growth in every single team that played in the first season. With a lot of the teams, they have started bringing it all out on the Sunday matches and showing what they have learned. Participation of more XS Communities has changed the league entirely. The Xiled League had some issues previously with teams not being able to play due to inactive players, substitution, etc. Recently, we have seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of issues across the leaderboard. XS participation has helped the league lock down a more steady baseline for how many teams we can manage, and has helped streamline the bracket for this season.”

    I had the exciting experience of interviewing Kaiser, one of the owners of the Xiled League. I was extremely excited to interview Kaiser to get a peek on what is to come soon within the Xiled League! The next question I asked was, what major events are currently happening or coming up soon within the league?

    “The Rainbow Six Siege teams are in their second season, we currently have 10 teams playing. February 7th 2021 marks our 5th week of a 9 week season. We have started a Call of Duty League as well. We are currently testing it but on February 6th marked week 3. There are currently less people on the Call of Duty League than the Rainbow Six League, but we plan on bringing in more people in April for Call of Duty! April marks the start of a new season for both Call of Duty and Siege, so we aim to bring in more teams by then. For Siege we have around 5-6 skirmishes a week, but at the moment, we encourage teams to skirmish for practice.”

    Curious enough, I asked myself and Kaiser, how does one get involved with the League? Kaiser went into much detail explaining what YOU can do to get involved! “We are currently exclusive to communities only, the best way is to join one of Xiled Syndicate’s Communities, then join or create a team within your division. It's easy and we can easily get you and your team set up. We can go more in depth once you’ve joined a community."

    To wrap up the interview, A lot of people with myself included, are new to the competitive side of gaming. A good question that popped into my head was, what do you suggest for people to trying to adjust to the competitive side of Siege of Call of Duty? 

    “Well for one, watch Pro League. That’s one of the best ways to learn, the professionals. Another thing is to practice with your team. Don’t just practice on ranked, but go into customs with your team to learn map knowledge and learn new strats [strategies]. The one thing with building a team is the chemistry. Create a leader that will lead the team, and that you guys trust. If you don’t trust or co-operate, its going to be really hard. Practice, learn, and build chemistry. That is the key to a higher probability of success.”

    I am extremely grateful to be able to hear about the great news about the league so soon. The events and the growth coming is exciting and I cant wait to see the future of league! League is growing quickly so make sure to tune in for more things to come! 

    Be sure to catch skirmishes each week Sunday on the Xiled League Twitch!

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