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  • Jessi

    Xiled League: Siege Season Recap

    Article By: Jessi 7XS

    Here we are now 5 weeks into the first season of the Rainbow 6 Siege League. Things are off to a great start. Here are your current team standings as of today, Friday November 13th.

    1st Place - Xiled Reapers (OTO)
    (5-0-0) 150 

    2nd Place - Last Hope
    (4-0-1) 130

    3rd Place - GoD R6 
    (4-0-1) 128

    4th Place - Nightwatch R6
     (2-0-3) 88

    5th Place - Legends 
    (3-0-2) 85 

    6th Place - Redemption R6
    (2-0-3) 80 

    7th Place - Assassins (Armada)
    (1-1-3) 75

    8th Place -  R.o.T.
    (2-0-3) 70

    9th Place - Breh (Velocity)
    (1-1-3) 65

    10th Place - Simplicity R6

    30 points= Win
    20 points= Tie
    10 points= Loss

    -5 points= each missed preseason match
    Week 4 and later
    (Points lost can not be a negative loss for the week)
    -2 points= 1 sub not on roster
    -5 points= 2 subs not on roster
    -10 points= 3 subs not on roster
    -20 points= 4 subs not on roster

    Higher Placed team decides either:
    (A) First map ban 
    (B) Pick attack or defense on selected map

    There are still 4 weeks left in this season. But most notably this past week (week 5) we saw the two undefeated teams, Xiled Reapers and GOD, face off for that stop position. Xiled Reapers, representing newly relaunched eSports Organization, Outlast The Opposition, took the match and remained undefeated in 1st Place. 


    For the latest updates on Xiled League, be sure to follow them on Twitter.

    Remember to tune in each week for the action beginning at 12pm est each Sunday on the Xiled League Official Twitch.

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