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  • XGN Arya VII
    XGN Arya VII

    Xiled Kingdom Officially Launches!

    Written By: XGN Arya VII

    When it comes to gaming Xiled Syndicate does it right! With innovated ways to game with others and new technology always coming out, its no wonder we have changed the face of gaming communities. Among the many things that are new within Xiled Syndicate the most recent is the launch of none other than Xiled Kingdom, which was just released! In order to get more information on XK or Xiled Kingdom, we in the Journalism Department reached out to none other than Xiled Emerald 7. He and a team of people have gotten together to create something that really hasn’t been done before. In his interview, he explained many different aspects of the network as well as what we can expect to see.

    The first question that was asked was what is Xiled Kingdom? Answering Xiled Emerald responded, “Xiled Kingdom is a Minecraft network featuring the compatibility between the Java (PC) edition and Bedrock Edition. It was designed to offer players and fans of Minecraft an environment to meet friends, discuss gaming, and have fun. All while offering a safe gaming environment for players to ask questions, receive feedback, and improve their skills.” When we learned this, many questions popped into our minds with our thinking caps whirring off the hook. Learning how this could change a few things we also inquired what had inspired its creation? Thoughtfully of course he informatively told us, "The creation of the Xiled Kingdom network was inspired from the majority of well-known Minecraft server networks with unique game-play. Xiled Kingdom itself offers its own highly unique along with a great experience for all.”

    Many times with the creation of something new there are always kinks that need to be smoothed out, and really takes off. With this in mind the thing that comes to mind is what goals they hope to achieve in the future? Excitedly Xiled Emerald told us “Our goal throughout the time of working within Xiled Kingdom as a long term goal is to eventually reach a player base of up to 1000 players per day within the network alone with constant purchases coming in.” interestingly enough these goals are very close at hand and the future for Xiled Kingdom is looking bright indeed.

    Of course with every new idea and implementation of said idea there will always be those who either don’t like it or are against it. To ask his opinion we inquired what his thoughts on it were when it came to others who may not be for it. The response was nothing less than words spoken from someone who knows what he’s doing. In order to dispel the idea that others may be against it Xiled Emerald 7 had this to say, “Now there will be a few people who don't like the new change of Xiled Kingdom where it's unique gameplay is based on the java edition of Minecraft as its a separate version to the console versions of Minecraft and although Xiled Kingdom uses a third-party bridge to connect both versions together it requires those members who don't have a Minecraft java edition account to purchase one in order to play on console, there will be people who won't like this. However, there isn't much we can do to change this. so alongside that we have created a Minecraft Realm to where those on console are able to play on their console under the Xiled Kingdom brand.”

    Along with being able to dispel nay-sayers and continue to work on Xiled Kingdom we are now faced with the conundrum of how to make it thrive. We made sure to get his plans on how he plans to do just that. His answer was nothing short of amazing. He said simply, “To keep it growing we plan on hosting monthly events held within the Xiled Kingdom Network & Realm along with the engaged across all social medias that Xiled Kingdom is over. Twitter, YouTube, Instagram & Facebook.” Now while these steps that will surely be taking place we ask that as our readers to please help spread the word to also help further the growth of something that’s truly the start of big things.

    Finally as the interview was closing the one thing I’m always sure to ask is if there’s any advice or any remaining thoughts that Xiled Emerald 7 may have to offer us and he definitely did not disappoint. He said, “Xiled Kingdom as a whole is focusing more on the Minecraft Java Edition so it's able to provide a more interesting and unique gameplay for all players and instead of its monthly premium membership we have setup a donation store where players are able to purchase different perks such as in-game ranks and other good stuff that will effect their in-game play without it being pay to win. Alongside all of this there are a lot of members with an Xbox and no PC, well with the technology of GuyserMC we are able to allows those console members to come and play on the Minecraft: Java server (PC) as well. Overall Xiled Kingdom is a Minecraft network supporting Java, Bedrock and even Minecraft Realms. It was designed to help offer players and the fans of Minecraft an environment to meet friends, discuss gaming and have fun. All while offering a safe gaming environment for players to ask questions, receive feedback/suggestions and to improve their skills.” 

    Truly an inspiration to those around us, who go out and make new things happen for the benefit of others. If you would like to take a look and see what it is that they are accomplishing the website is: https://xiledkingdom.com/ and if you feel in your heart to donate to help fund it the link is: https://store.xiledkingdom.com/ . With all that being said thank you Xiled Emerald 7 and your team for all the hard work and the dedication that you have and are currently doing for the entertainment and encouragement of the gaming community. 

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