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  • BGL Knife XS
    BGL Knife XS

    Welcome To Xiled Jurassic Park!

    Written By: BGL Knife XS

      Are you tired of your current games and looking for a new game to get into? Well, let me introduce you to ARK! ARK is a survival game similar to ‘7 Days to Die’ and ‘Minecraft’. If you’re looking to meet new friends and slay some dinosaurs or even breed some dinos, XS has their very own ARK server! I had the pleasure of sitting down with XGN DINOSAUR 7, creator of the ARK server, a member of XGN for close to 8 years, and Clan Ops Council, who spilled all the details to me. 

      I asked Dino, who was the member who originally made the Ark Server? “I made the Ark servers for anyone to really join and started as Dino's Jurassic Park then changed it over to Xiled Jurassic Park to make it like the others.” You heard it here! XS’ Ark server is named “Xiled Jurassic Park” XJP for short. What was the process for Xiled Jurassic Park to become an XS Community? To which he humbly explained “It's not really a community in my eyes, but more of a playground for members to learn how to play Ark and have fun.” I wanted to know, does XJP have Divisions and Ranks like the other XS Communities? Dino simply stated “There's no rank structure inside the servers besides what is already set in XS.” 

      Interested in joining? I asked, what does someone have to do to join the Community? Are there requirements? “Really for the process of being a "community game" is really to see if you have a decent base in XGN, next talk to the BoD or Council to get it approved and finally, talk with Mrs XGN. Get a discord set up along with Twitter as well. There aren't any requirements besides having the game which is about 120GB to download.” What does XJP offer to members so far? He verbalized “The servers offer hours of entertainment since it's like a buffed up version of Minecraft. You can spend days and day building or weeks to find 1 high level dinosaur to complete a breeding pair. Then breeding takes hours and to get the best levels can take a month or more.”

      To conclude the interview I asked Dino, are there plans to expand in the future? “We eventually would like to expand on more servers. We currently have two 32 slot servers, but there are more maps we can expand on so the more maps the more servers and more slots for people to join up and play.” 

      For members looking for new friends or a game to play, come over to Xiled Jurassic Park! XJP server members are willing to teach new players how to play. If anyone has any further questions about how to get involved you can reach out to BOD or Dino himself. Dinosaur was lovely to speak with and a very humble member. I cannot wait to test out Ark for myself!

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