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  • BGL Venom XS
    BGL Venom XS

    Xiled Brand Launch: Xiled FPS!

    Written By: BGL Venom XS

    Are you a fan of competitive shooter games? Are you needing something new to join or start? Xiled Syndicate is bringing something new to the table, and that is Xiled FPS! After interviewing Xiled WilliJ 7XS, Xiled FPS looks like something exciting to jump on to! I had quite a few questions to ask WilliJ, and I am super excited to present! The first question I asked was “What exactly is Xiled FPS and how was it created?”

    “Xiled FPS is the brain child of Mrs. XGN and brought to life with the help of myself! It is an XS community focused on first-person shooters, giving it an unparalleled potential for growth. Currently, Xiled FPS is based on Battlefield, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, Valorant, and Warzone. We have plans to expand in the future to support even more games!"

     To add on, I asked “What are the current goals for the future of Xiled FPS?”
    “The current goals for Xiled FPS are rather ambitious. We hope to expand into coaching players with workshops, strats, and providing experienced players to play together with. We also hope to expand our events department , and growing it into league of it’s own with tournaments and prizes. Along with this, we want to create Xiled FPS teams, where the best of the best play, stream, and promote the community in competitive tourneys and on stream."
    Finally, I asked “How can one join Xiled FPS?”
    “To join Xiled FPS, all one has to do is join the discord server! We are open to everyone including people outside of Xiled Syndicate!”
    It has been amazing to watch Xiled Syndicate grow and create new ideas to bring to members! Xiled Syndicate has much more to come and shows no sign in stopping growth. I can’t wait to see the next big update, and I can’t wait to see Xiled FPS grow!

    Xiled FPS is an XS community centered around mainstream first person shooters such as Battlefield, Call of Duty, Rainbow 6, Warzone, & Valorant, with the goal of assisting members in finding groups to play with (LFG) as well as to help players improve their skills. Having randoms on your team can be rather frustrating, especially in tactical games that require team coordination such as Rainbow and Valorant, our goal is to help extinguish that problem, and provide the best LFG experience possible for XS members. Along with LFG, Xiled FPS is working towards gathering skilled players so as to host workshops providing tips, tricks, and strats to help your team be the best it can be, as well as events and tournaments.

    Be sure to give Xiled FPS a follow on their Official Twitter
    If you are interested in becoming an Xiled FPS Staff Member, they are accepting applications for Discord Staff and Social Media Management
    Join the Official Xiled FPS Discord Server

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