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    Vapor Wave

    Xiled Competitive Update!

    Written by: XGN Vaporize

    This is a spring update regarding XS Competitive teams and what's currently in the works for the competitive side of our XS family. As always, our friend and trusted source Kaiser 7 kindly gave us the inside scoop. On a side note, it's always encouraged for any member who has a competitive edge to join Xiled League and represent their respective Divisions with integrity.

    Getting to the topic at hand, specifically what XS Competitive has been doing recently. Kaiser pointed out that the competitive side of Xiled Syndicate has taken a more hands-on approach serving as "the middle man for XS teams and the league/outside events." Currently, there are competitive teams for R6, Rocket League, Apex, COD, and WoT. Interestingly, to bring in higher caliber professional players, the move to partner up with the organization Tidal was made. This has led mainly to a large increase in professional teams amongst the Rainbow 6 league. With the Rainbow 6 league arguably the most competitive out of all competitive teams, this season is sure to be filled with great gameplay.

    For those interested in joining a competitive team and curious as to the requirements they are pretty straightforward. As Kaiser puts it, "you either try out or we see you play and contact you." All the more encouragement for members to attend game nights and show their teammates their skill level. It could just land you a spot on your favorite game's competitive team! For those reading this and learning/hearing about the competitive side of XS for the first time, I will personally attest as a former member; it's one of the most structured and fun competitive leagues out there currently. Now go out and make a name for yourself in a competitive atmosphere.

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