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  • BGL Venom XS
    BGL Venom XS

    Xiled Clash Has Launched!

    Article By: BGL Venom XS

    The next best thing is here within Xiled Syndicate, and it's called Xiled Clash! A new community affiliate specifically for XS members! Xiled Clash currently is specifically for Clash of Clans, and I got to meet with Xiled Darstar 7 to see what background information he can give about what Xiled Clash is all about!

    Eager to get started, I asked "How long has Xiled Clash been an idea? How was Xiled Clash created?"

    "Xiled Clash has been an idea for me for about 6 months before it finally came into XS. I’ve actually done something like this with my Ex-Division Leader and other PS Division Staff members with our PS Division. We made a whole Discord Server for that too. We were fine for about 2 weeks but our members just couldn’t catch on to the game. Just felt like we weren’t doing it right the first time, so once the whole Clan thing died off, I wanted to take time off to learn more about running a Clan in Clash of Clans property. I joined other well built Clans in Clash of Clans and see what I can learn to keep a clan strong and consistent, and I’ve learned a lot! I felt like I was ready to bring this idea to XS but I didn’t know how or when. I was pretty much waiting for my calling. As time went on, I started working on other things with XS, with the XS Board’s approval, I helped make the XS GTA Crew and made a video for them in the XS YouTube Channel. People are enjoying the XS Crew and rocking the XS Logo in GTA Online so that went well. So now I’ve built trust in the XS Board for me running this XS Group. Next up, the XS wide community change with having all the XGN Divisions all in one server. I helped a lot with the XGN Server built. Mrs. XGN asked me what games I should add to the XS LFG List.  I took this chance to give her my list and I added Clash of Clans to the mobile games list along with Among Us and COD Mobile....

    So, there was my calling I was looking for. I went to the same XS Board Member that helped approve me to make the XS GTA Crew for XS, and asked if I could do something similar with bringing XS to Clash of Clans. That Board Member spoke with the rest of the XS Board of Directors about my idea and they actually approved me for a trial run before they make it official. So, I WENT TO WORK! I built the XS Clan in Clash of Clans. Next I had to set up a name, which the name really wasn’t that hard for me to come up with lol, Xiled Clash was getting all set up, I made the Discord Server and Twitter Account and start telling everyone I knew in XS about it. I asked if they were down to join and represent XS in Clash of Clans, and I got a good hand full of people to join! I started off with a temporary XC Logo, then later on a made an even better XC Logo that we’re using right now. That helped and a lot more people interested. I built the XC Server well and I advertised XC well to get all of XS’s attention to let everyone know Xiled Clash is around. The XS VP, Xiled Bree, actually messaged the Xiled Clash Twitter account saying who is running this? I responded and explained and she gave me a thumbs up lol. We were still good to go and at that point, Mr. XGN was seeing Xiled Clash go pretty well, I started upping my artwork for Xiled Clash. We kept on getting more members involved, things just kept on growing. Mr. XGN finally messaged me saying it’s time to make Xiled Clash an official affiliate to XS, along side with Xiled League, Xiled Kingdom, and Xiled Gamer Girls. We made a meeting with the XS Board of Directors to discuss some thing and made Xiled Clash official! Now we’re in all the XS Server’s PARTNERS/AFFILIATES Categories and our Twitter is popping! And we even make a Xiled Clash Trailer which can be seen in the XS YouTube Channel. A brand new Xiled Syndicate Mobile Community, Xiled Clash is here."

    Next thing I wanted to know was "How can one get involved with Xiled Clash, and are there requirements to join?"

    "How to join Xiled Clash? All you have to do is be a member of XS! That’s it. If you’re a dedicated Clash of Clans player and you want to represent XS, come join our Xiled Clash Discord server and apply! The server is open for everyone so even Server Guest can join and support Xiled Clash as well as follow us on our XC social medias to see how we’re doing!"

    Finally to wrap up, I asked "What do the owners see in the future for Xiled Clash?"

    "Clash of Clans is a game I feel like we should have taken advantage of a long time ago. The game is 9 year old. It just keeps on getting bigger with millions of players online taking the game everywhere they go and growing such and huge fanbase with all Clash does. That's one of the benefits of mobile games, you can take them everywhere with you! As well as Discord and social media, but better late than never, so I’m glad I took the step to bring this to our community. We have multiple clans for Xiled Clash to be ready for everything and expanding Xiled Clash. Everyone knows one clan can only hold 50 people. we do Activity Checks and make sure we actually have all of our members activity before we have another Xiled Clan in Clash of Clans. We have plans to make a pro clan for our top tier Clash grinders that want to take our Clan War League and ever Clash Events. We have many more plans so if anyone wants to learn more, join Xiled Clash!

    Xiled Darstar 7 is a XS Council Member, Founder/Content Creator in XGN Psychotic Solutions, and Owner of Xiled Clash! Himself and the rest of staff within XS has been working really hard, and I cannot wait to see Xiled Clash grow in the future!

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