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  • Jessi

    Xiled Art Using New Request Format!

    Written By: BGL Knife XS

    Recently the Xiled Art Department has made some new moves. With the recent revamp of the XS Community Discord Server, the goal Xiled Art hopes to achieve is to bring more light to requesting artwork through Discord itself. I had the chance to sit down with Xiled Tex, XS Chief Creative Officer, where she revealed to me the process of using Google Sheets and Forms.

    I asked Tex, what made Xiled Art want to make the move to utilizing Google Sheets for requests. She simply explained, “We needed to look at other sources that would be able to reach out to members in a more desirable way. Where XS is utilizing Discord more prominently, this will make it easier for members to request artwork.”

    Let’s dive into how requests through the Google Sheets & Forms works. Those looking to request artwork will fill out the Google Form, found in the  “#art-work” channel in the Xiled Syndicate Discord server (linked at the bottom of the article). As Tex explained, “This will then auto populate into the Google Sheet where our artists can go in, comment, and claim.” 

    There are no longer requirements to be able to make a request for artwork, as Xiled Art has removed the “30 forum post policy”. Now anyone can request art! There are still rules that must be followed, which are also linked below. I asked Tex “was it difficult to set up?” To which she replied “It wasn't difficult to set it up. Nate and myself got it situated fairly quickly.” Tex also shared “If anyone has any questions  they can contact us. We are always open to artists and questions.”

    Art Request Google Form: https://forms.gle/tWkVDcEW31aRZwd36
    Art Rules: https://xiledsyndicate.com/forums/topic/291498-art-rules/ 

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