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  • BGL Venom XS
    BGL Venom XS

    XGN Arya VII Promoted To Co-Head of XS Journalism!

    Article by: BGL Venom XS

    As a lot of people know within XS, XGN Arya VII has been promoted to Co-Head of the XS Journalism Department and I’d like to say congratulations to her! I had the honor of interviewing her about her promotion and her time throughout XS!

    To start, I asked her how she felt when she was promoted to Co-Head, when she joined XGN as well as the Journalism Department. “I was excited! I have been Co-Head before, but I had to leave due to IRL purposes, and I was quite upset. When I came back to XS and the News team around May, I talked to Jessi and she kind of said “Oh, you’re my new co-head again!”.  I joined XGN in March of 2017 in a division called AG and a squad called Loki. I joined Journalism a few months after. I’ve had quite the history within XS, I wasn’t always Arya.” My curiosity peaked and I asked her “What is your story behind joining the Journalism Department? Who or what persuaded you to join?”. With passion, she responded with “Originally, I was going through a lot IRL and writing has always been something I’ve enjoyed. I saw XS had a Journalism Department and I jumped right in. I jumped in not only to prove to myself, but to prove myself to my peers.”. I was touched and I couldn’t wait to hear more!

     We all have our ups and downs within our lives when it comes to XS or real life. I asked  “What has been the hardest part about being in the Journalism Department? What challenges have you faced?”. She thought for a few seconds and she responded with “I believe the hardest part would be balancing journalism and IRL things. It can get pretty crazy sometimes with IRL situations and coming up with 2 articles a week”. On the topic of the Journalism Department, I asked “Out of all the departments within XS, why did you choose Journalism?”. Her response brought a smile to my face. She said “I chose Journalism because writing has been an escape for me. Life has been challenging, and writing has been a coping mechanism for me. It helps me get through rough times”. I was completely moved when I heard this.
        In a slight change of topic, I asked “ After this promotion, what do you hope to change or improve on within the department?”. She happily responded with “I hope to get more activity flowing throughout the department, I’d like to get more articles out and raise awareness for the Journalism Department. There are lot of people within XS that are writers and don’t know about the Journalism Department, and I’d like to get them involved. Hopefully one day even become the Head of Journalism!”. Still wondering about her past within XS and the Journalism Department, I asked “Did you have a mentor or do you currently have a mentor helping you? How did they impact you within the department?”. The way she responded was so unique and genuine. “I did not have a specific mentor, but I do look up to Jessi. We have been friends since I joined the department. I look up to her because she is passionate, dedicated, and such a hard worker. I aspire to be like her. I’ve always looked up to her.” Heart-warmed and closing the interview benevolently, I asked her one more question. “What advice would you give for the new people joining the Journalism Department or any other department within XS?”. Cheerfully and genuinely, she responded saying “My advice would be to never let anyone put you down or tell you what you can or cannot achieve. From personal experience, I’ve learned that your biggest obstacle is your own mindset. People will try to bring you down, but only you know your limits. Don’t ever give up on something you’re passionate about”.

        This interview with Arya was heart warming, inspiring, and a wonderful experience in general. To be able to hear about her story within Xiled Syndicate and the Journalism Department was truly inspiring. I know Arya will do great things as Co-Head, and I look forward to working with her!

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