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    Psychotic Solutions Become Xiled League Rainbow Six Champions!

    Article by: XGN Vaporize

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a winner; the Rainbow Six Champions have been crowned. In this thriller of a match, Psychotic Solutions (PS) edged out Victory Is Imminent (VII) in a 2-0 win to be dubbed the Y1S1 Rainbow Six Champions of Xiled League! This win not only came with bragging rights, but it was also accompanied by a massive $500 grand prize! We decided to catch up with the Captain of this winning team to understand what went right for Psychotic Solutions (PS). Simultaneously, with most seasons concluded, the unknown about the future of Xiled League is at an all-time high. We turned to XGN Kaiser 7 for some insight into these unknowns, giving us a sneak peek of what's on the horizon.

    Focusing on our champions, specifically, captain Siekyz, credited with leading this bunch to a glorious victory, had some choice words on the win. For those unaware, Psychotic Solutions had a rocky start to its season, Siekyz did not assume Captain until mid-season. When asked if he thought Psychotic Solutions was going to win during mid-season, the honest response of "no I didn't think we would win, Psychotic Solutions had a lot of trouble in the beginning with their old captains" was given. Consequently, this forced Siekyz to do a massive overhaul of the Psychotic Solutions R6 team, completely restructuring it. So what changes did Siekyz enact that made Psychotic Solutions do a complete 180? According to Siekyz "I made my team do strategies, made them get along with each other and made them play different roles", further he added, "there was a lot of downfall to the team but we got back up and look at us now". While Siekyz can be credited with initiating the plan that ultimately resulted in winning the championship, he was very humble when it came to his players. When asked if he felt like he was the anchor in his team's success, he humbly replied "as a Captain, I didn't have a big part in the success, it was my players who had a bigger success, they were the ones who brought positivity into the win". Such statements speak volumes to the character of Siekyz. 

    It's noteworthy to mention that Psychotic Solutions and Victory Is Imminent entered these finals very low seeded, PS a fifth seed and VII the seventh seed. Remarkably these two would go on to take 1st and 2nd place. When asked what it meant that two lower-seeded teams ended up persevering through the odds, Siekyz said "I believe it does say a lot of good things, it makes other higher teams see us differently and makes us feel good because we can stand our ground and compete against stronger teams". This victory has been a major confidence booster for both respective teams. When asked about his opinion on Victory Is Imminent, Siekyz was quick to praise the team "VII is a really solid team, their captain TXO Shadow is an amazing player and I hope to compete with him again and see if his team becomes stronger". We concluded by asking if Siekyz sees this win carrying over into next season, simply stating "yes" but was quick to point out "it will also make us a target". One thing is for sure, Psychotic Solutions and Victory Is Imminent will be a force to be reckoned with next season. 


    To get an outside perspective of the season and its results, XGN Bourbon, the Brotherhood Of Steels Rainbow Six Captain, was happy to give his thoughts. Regarding Psychotic Solutions, he praised them as a "solid team with solid gunners" but it was Victory Is Imminent who stole the show in his eyes. Bourbon went on to state that they were "underdogs, all the way at the bottom of the leader boards, look at them now" regarding their season. Most important to Bourbon was what Victory Is Imminent showed the community, that no matter what "if you put time, dedication and put your head straight you can literally make anything possible".  These statements from Bourbon vocalize how these two teams have gained the respect of their competition as well as how they have become models for their competitors.

    Looking towards the future and what's on the horizon for Xilied Leauge, XGN Kaiser 7 gave us the scoop. Regarding the current season, he thought  "Psychotic Solutions did great this weekend, and thanks to GOD for sponsoring the season". Concerning what's upcoming, the Rocket League and Rainbow Six seasons will be starting up soon. Both will have two-week pre seasons, followed by the main season, they will have very similar schedules. Excitingly, regarding Rainbow Six, this season they will be running Tier 2 as a test for casters. That was all that was stated on the record but promised: "lots more to come in the future" and for the community to actively check the website and social media for any updates. In conclusion one thing is for certain, the future of Xiled League is very bright and the upcoming seasons are going to be nothing less than exciting & thrilling!

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