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  • Jessi

    XS Partners with Industry United Gaming!

    Article By: XGN Jessi7XS

    Recently the Xiled Syndicate Director of Partnerships, Abbadon XS, sat down with the Leadership over at Industry United Gaming. After speaking with the Director of Internal Affairs, IND Hitman 7, a new Partnership has formed! You heard right, Xiled Syndicate and Industry United Gaming are now partnered!

    Where did Industry United Gaming get their start? In August 2020, the CEO, IND GENoCYDE, and COO, IND Camco founded the Community. Formerly known as Industry Designs, a Graphic Design company for gamers. Even branching into IND Media where internet radio was hosted by IND GENoCYDE himself. Welcoming gamers on all Platforms, IND shares the same concept as Xiled Syndicate; to provide a Community where gamers can come together and have a place to call home, whether casual or competitive.

    Welcome Industry United Gaming! We can't wait to see what the future holds for our partnership!

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