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    Outlast The Opposition Relaunches Halloween 2020!

    Article By: Jessi 7XS

    Outlast The Opposition was another great community organization within Xiled Syndicate, and they were operating with one singular Division. Without much notice, OTO had suddenly closed its doors and disbanded. Recently we’ve learned that there are big plans in store for a full relaunch of OTO, as an eSports organization. Under the direction of Kaiser 7 and Uprise XR, Outlast The Opposition will make a great comeback. The organization will house competitive teams, streamers, content creators, artists, as well as various staff members. 

    I had the chance to meet up with Kaiser and Uprise tonight to talk about the Halloween 2020 relaunch and what we can expect from Outlast going forward.

    What can you two tell us about the reasoning why OTO originally led to closure?

    Kaiser 7: “I don’t know all the fine details that led to the closure, however I do know that the community (OTO) had some issues and the leadership was unable to maintain the community and fill it with members. As a result they left and the community was ultimately closed.”

    Fast forwarding to the present, there is a planned relaunch of Outlast The Opposition as an ESports Organization, will the community run on the same basis like other XS communities, or will there be a different structure?

    Kaiser 7: “The launch date is going to be on Halloween, October 31, 2020. We will be running OTO strictly as an Esports organization to represent XS with the “community” consisting of our staff, content creators, artists, etc. There will be a Board of Directors and heads of the necessary departments, similar to the way XS is run.”

    Uprise XR: “We are borrowing elements of the community side Senior Leadership to suit our needs as an organization.”

    So there will essentially be "sections"? For example: Streamers, Content Creators, Players?

    Uprise XR: “Players will be organized into their respective teams.”

    Kaiser 7: “Exactly. We currently have it set up with heads for Content creators(including all art), Social Media, Analysts, team manager and talent acquisition.”

    Now to dive a little more in depth to E-Sports. Typically when someone hears the term "E-Sports" they think of competitive play like MLG, or the CoD World League for example. Will OTO have a heavy focus on forming competitive teams for those types of large scale competitions, or would they be focusing more on a smaller scale like the Xiled League for example?

    Uprise XR: “Our main focus is on sending teams from OTO into their respective pro league circuits, but we have plans to also operate academy teams to play within smaller scale leagues/events. Our goal is to always maintain At Least one team inside of Xiled League at all times if possible...We would ideally like to see our participation in Xiled League and other events serve as an area for us to scout potential players to bring up to the major teams for each game.”

    Kaiser 7: “The academy teams are very important for building talent and preparing them for the next step also. Since the pro league requires you to be 18+ we can allow 16+ on our academy teams also.”

    When you speak of Social Media and Analysts; Social Media would basically be your brand representation for promoting on various social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc? As for Analysts, could you describe what the main focus of an Analyst would be?

    Uprise XR: “For any successful ESports Organization, analysts are integral on both a large and small scale. For an individual team, an analyst assists in collecting data on the competition in addition to compiling details for the team and its players to assist in the coaching process. At the larger scale, analysts would use the stats of our teams across multiple games in order to provide the organization with insight on how the OTO brand is doing overall. This information goes hand in hand with social media/content creation as it is integral in the process of attracting and securing sponsors.”

    Kaiser 7: “Social media will be our primary way of advertising our brand. With that being said it will be important we advertise on all available platforms. We will use Twitter, twitch and YouTube primarily but the use of Facebook and Instagram is an option we still have. The more ways we can get our brand out there the better, so that our brand becomes a well known and recognized Organization. This won’t only benefit us in OTO, this will also benefit all of XS by bringing in more members and fans.”

    So with the many positions and possibilities within Outlast The Opposition, what will be some of the biggest requirements in joining the organization? Let's say Players and Content Creators/Streamers.

    Kaiser 7: “For staff experience and professionalism is key. We plan on taking the organization to the top in each game we enter into. For this to happen we need the best staff in all positions representing the brand in a positive manner. We don’t have a lot of room for error considering the fact our success is partially built on fan support. In order to be hired on into a position we will put each staff member through a series of tests that could include samples of work with parameters we set or even a trial run in some matches we organize. Of course each position will have different requirements and paths to reach said spot.”

    Uprise XR: “In terms of players/teams the process is in simple terms: the best team/players will play for us. As we decide to add additional games, we will open up applications that can be submitted to us electronically. We ideally want to bring on teams that are fully formed and well established within their respective games as a solid base. However, should that not be possible, we would consider building a roster on an individual basis. Should any team or player submit an application they would move on into a tryout phase. Alternatively, Talent Acquisitions will be on the lookout for potential teams/players for the organization to reach out to.”

    That is an informative description, I think I was looking more for if there were going to be requirements such as Age, Platform, Statistics, Hardware requirements, etc.?

    Uprise XR: “All players will be required to be 18+ to play on our main teams. The age limit for Academy Teams is set at 16+....As an Esports Organization we would ultimately seek to provide talented players/teams with the necessary equipment to participate in competitive play. That is based solely on the ability of OTO to secure the financial backing to do so.”

    Kaiser 7: “Capture cards will be required for our streamers.”

    Obviously no one wants to really talk money because it can be seen as disrespectful in some aspects, but are we right to assume that owners of the organization would be putting up essentially "seed money" to get things kicked off? Are there plans at this current time of specific companies that OTO would be seeking sponsorship from?

    Uprise XR: “Kaiser and I fully intend to take the necessary steps to get our teams into the appropriate channels. Fortunately, many of the games we seek to send teams do not require any upfront money to enter into their league and instead focus on teams entering by earning their place. Both R6 Siege and Apex Legends follow a model like this.”

    Kaiser 7: “We do have ideas for potential sponsors. They include companies such as Acer, Turtle beach, several current XS sponsors and various universities in the US. Obviously nothing is set in stone yet but I believe we could pull some of these off. After launch, seeking sponsors will be much easier as they will see what we can bring to the table.”

    We've talked a lot about the plans for OTO itself, but for those who may not know you two, do you mind just describing yourselves a bit, like your experience in communities and how you came together for the OTO relaunch?

    Kaiser 7: “(Will E.) Growing up, my childhood was anything but ordinary but I always loved video games. From constant relocations to family issues, I always had the ability to get away by playing video games. With that being said, I learned early on that life was not easy and that if I wanted to achieve something I had to work for it, regardless of the stakes. My teenage years through adulthood were definitely a struggle, but I knew what I wanted to do with my life and that was to follow my dream and be a part of the gaming industry in one form or another. That path has led me to where I am today with Esports being the primary focus. 
    When I first joined XGN (XS), my main games were Battlefield and Call of Duty. In the community I met many people that I became close with and they introduced me to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. I immediately fell in love with the game and have been dedicated to it ever since. We created a team and did very well. Over time I had the opportunity to take that team and represent the Division (BoS) and later the community. The road has definitely been bumpy at times but many lessons were learned along the way. I knew I wanted to become a professional but I never fully understood where that would take me, so I decided I would go with the flow and do my best.
    I eventually relocated within the community to Double Helix (DH) and met many more people that were very helpful and supportive of the team and my dream. After a while we turned into a team that was only something I had dreamed of with the help of many people, especially Uprise. Now we have an amazing program, team and the ability to run a league (Xiled League) to assist other people in furthering their careers as players as well as the relaunch of Outlast the Opposition (OTO) as an Esports Organization for XS. These past several years have been amazing and I owe so many people for their guidance and support.”

    Uprise XR: “(Collin G.) United States Marine Corps Veteran (7011) BA History: San Diego State University 2020 As a child, I was naturally drawn to video games for both entertainment and their ability to provide a temporary escape from the troubles of the outside world. I spent thousands of hours across various platforms, and in my adolescence I eventually found my home in FPS games such as Call of Duty, Counterstrike, and Battlefield. 
    Like most young gamers, I aspired to be the next big thing in the world of ESports, but I put those dreams on hold following my decision to join the United States Marine Corps in 2015 to pursue both a possible career and schooling. Upon my separation in the Summer of 2019, I transferred to San Diego State University where I completed my Bachelors in History in August 2020. Education and experience are key, but as a husband and a father, I feel that encouraging my family to never give up on their dreams is just as important. 
    For that reason, when I was approached with the opportunity to join Xiled Syndicate to play on a Rainbow Six Siege competitive team, yes was the only answer. I have come to embrace the sense of community that I had missed since my separation from the military and have made countless friends in our quest to make it to that coveted R6 Invitational. My involvement in Xiled League and Outlast the Opposition are beyond anything I could have possibly imagined, and I hope that I will be able to use my education and experience to benefit XS and its amazing community.”

    Uprise XR: “Honestly, this all started with Kaiser bringing his R6 Siege Team to XS in an attempt to play competitively Nov 2019. I came into the scene in April of 2020 when I was approached as a potential player for the R6 team. Over the next 2 months, Kaiser and I drastically overhauled the team and began working toward our goal of having a professional team. I lead the team as their In Game Leader in matches as a player and intend to do so as we move into OTO. With the coming of Xiled League, we were itching at the chance to take the next step and play on a larger scale. The opportunity presented itself for Kaiser and I to become Co-Owners we never hesitated. We never dreamed that we would later be offered this opportunity with OTO, but we could not be happier to be here.”

    Kaiser 7 & Uprise XR: “It’s been one hell of a ride.”

    At this current time, where can someone interested find an application for OTO?

    Kaiser 7: “As of now the best way is to contact Uprise or myself until we get the application on the XS website and on the OTO website.”

    Awesome. So to kind of end things on a great note, can you each tell us something important that you would like people to know about OTO and the future ahead?

    Kaiser 7: “The path to get to where we are has been a bumpy one but we knew that we had the ability to achieve our dream. NEVER GIVE UP. OTO is that dream coming true. Not only for us but also for our players and staff. Our future is going to be amazing but also full of obstacles and we will continue to knock down these obstacles as we climb to the top. Many people don’t get to do what they dream of and OTO as a whole will be full of people going for what they thought was only possible in their dreams.”

    Uprise XR: "OTO will always have ownership that is hands on. Even after I hang up my headset and retire from playing competitively, I plan on always being involved with our staff and teams. We expect that same passion from each and every individual wishing to join us on this journey. What makes a community, organization, team, etc. strong is the individuals a part of it and Kaiser and I both believe in being present and personable as part of our leadership philosophy. No matter how far we go as an organization, I hope to always find time for our players and staff. As for our immediate future, lookout for the Xiled Reapers R6 Team that will immediately be changing over to our OTO brand following the launch on Halloween and we may see an Apex team soon to follow.”

    You guys are awesome. I really appreciate your time, and legit it's great to see two minds who think alike come together and be completely organized and on the same page. I wish you both the best of luck with OTO.

    With that being said we are really looking forward to Halloween this year to witness this epic relaunch of Outlast The Opposition. If you or anyone you know are looking to join a great esports org, you can contact Kaiser 7 and Uprise XR for more information. Head over to their website to get the latest news! https://otogaming.com/

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