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  • BGL Venom XS
    BGL Venom XS

    Leadership Development Department Update!

    Article By: BGL Venom XS

    The Leadership Development Program has some exciting things coming soon, and I got the chance to meet with Xiled Noob to get the juicy details of what is to come! LDP is a set of educational courses for new leaders within Xiled Syndicate. It is open to anyone wanting to rank up and learn new ways on how to be a great leader within their community. LDP not only helps current leaders, but future leaders within each community. Each participate can finish each class and be able to teach each other what they have learned from the class. Each person can learn from one another, no matter the rank, and LDP helps with that development! Xiled Noob is the Co-Head of LDP, and she has been an amazing person to talk to! LDP has some new things coming soon, so to start off, I asked her “What can new participants in LDP see in the future with the upcoming changes?”

    “LDP has some exciting new changes! We always keep up with the certifications by revamping and bringing in new ones as things change in the community and clan operations. We also have some great new certifications that a few of our Reps are writing that we feel will go really well with the classes. We also have combined the 3 LDP servers into 1. This makes it much easier for staff and Reps to manage and help out instead of switching back and forth between servers to help members. It’s great also because we will have a main chat for all 3 classes. For example, the upper divisional class will be able to talk to the MSG class and give them some of their knowledge as they moved up in the community. The community is all about bringing people together, so what better way then to have everyone together. Of course, they will have their own sections to do the workshops and chat in.”

    A lot of people are currently involved with LDP and helping it run smoothly, but there may be people wanting to get more involved. I asked “How can people get involved with learning the content, and how can people help out more with LDP?”

    “We always post announcements and give the reps a heads up to let them know prior to the class start. This way they can compile their list of members to join. Invites are then sent by the reps. LDP has been around for quite some time, and it’s just one of those things people get excited about. Word of mouth goes a long way and we love when people who have taken the class talk about it with other members who haven’t. We try to host classes about once a month while being mindful of holidays and changes to XS as a whole. While picking Reps, Bree and myself see who stood out in class, took their tests on time, participated in the workshop and such to choose new Reps if needed. We always let Reps recommend people from their division, but we always look at the whole picture of ones who have earned it. Being a Rep entails some awesome things, so we want to make sure they have been mastered before becoming a Rep. We are always looking for new ideas for workshops. We have an idea channel in the server, but also if you ever have a great workshop idea, send it to myself or Bree, and it may just be used!”
    For the last question to wrap up the updates, I asked “Xiled Syndicate is always growing when it comes to new leadership, how does LDP benefit leadership skills within XS?” “LDP is constantly changing and keeps up with the current events to be able to always teach future leaders. LDP isn’t always just teaching ranks and policies, we teach skills you can use for conflict, activity, mentoring, and a ton of others. Being a leader is so much more than rank. Its communication, empathy, understanding, and the list goes on!”
    LDP has helped the leadership within Xiled Syndicate in so many ways. Being a leader within XS not only helps an individual grow, it helps the people around you grow. It was an amazing experience to meet with Xiled Noob and I cannot wait until the new updates to LDP are put into the courses! With the new content coming to LDP, who knows how this might positively help everyone grow into wiser leaders!

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