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  • Jessi


    In order to get more information we sat down with Co-Owners, XGN Noob 7 and XGN Krim 7, to interview them about such an amazing Department. You’ll know more from Mr. Krim in another interview. But as part of the news team, I sat down with XGN Noob 7 in an interview and this is how it went:

    What gave you the idea for the league?

    “I’ve had this in my mind for quite some time. I’ve just had some other projects going on I had to put this on hold until those were over.”

    Was it difficult to set up?

    “Not at all. We have an amazing team who came and worked on this and I have been nothing short of impressed with how much everyone has worked together to get this up and running!”

    What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced with it so far?

    “We have had a few issues but this is our trail run so we will expect those. Nothing we can’t overcome and learn from.”

    How long did it take for people to get interested in it?

    “As soon as we mentioned it, the server was up to over 60 members in an hour.”

    What has been the most rewarding experience for you in the league?

    “Seeing everyone in the chats, the competition, the way they interact with each other, how it brings everyone together. It’s always been about the members.”

    What are some things that you want others to know about the league?

    “It is open right now to everyone in XS. We have cod and siege. We also have a solo player role for those looking for teams. We want everyone to have a chance. We have tournaments also.”

    What are some rewards that you offer to those who participate?

    “We have some XS server roles, forums awards and more!”

    Where do you see the league in the months ahead?

    “We have some big plans for the future.”

    Do you plan on making any changes in the near future?

    “Of course! Change is always needed to progress.”

    Is there any advice you may have for those who want to participate or any last thoughts you’d like to leave us with?

    “Don’t be hesitant to join, everyone is friendly. Even if you just want to check out the server. Feel free to join! Always make sure you’re having fun Gaming is an escape for a lot of people. Leave them better then you found them. We understand there will always be trash talking, it’s part of the game. Don’t be toxic though. Happy Gaming!”

    With all that being said please join me in congratulating XGN Noob 7 on the league and a job well done. Thank you for your time and work both in XS and the league. We hope to see more of you and what you accomplish with the league and where it goes in the future!

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