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    XGN Eris XS

    It's That Time Again! Tis the Season..

    Article By: XGN UnholyLie

    As the frost begins to stick, we realize it’s time to take stock of the year… Christmas Time at it's finest. 

    It's that time of year again. Where we take stock of the year and think about things. How they have been. How they could have changed.  But it's also a time to realize what is important. What matters as the New Year approaches. That's right folks, I'm talking about Christmas. Probably couldn't have guessed that considering I didn't mention presents and all the goodies you plan on getting this year. 

    But a lot of us look past the gifts and money and other trinkets we receive this coming month. Let’s take a look and see what some members of XGN had to say on the matter of what Christmas is to them… among the other traditions they hold dear and how the year and current restrictions on things have affected them. I took the liberty of talking to a few members and asking them some questions about their holidays. What were some of the traditions that their family had in place during this time of year, their plans for traveling (if doing so) during this pandemic and what it means to them. 

    To start us off on this little journey, we have member KN WolfGenrl from the Twisted Resurrection division in KN. He has been a member since November of last year and has moved up to General two times but is currently glad to be a SGT. This member is also joining the military, the Marines to be more specific. He wants to join to help serve his country and protect his family. He comes from a line of family members that have served in the military and wishes to follow in their footsteps. It was surprising but still amusing to find out that he was actually on his way to MEPS as we spoke so it just goes to show his dedication to both what he wanted to do with his life and to the community. But back to the story at hand. 

    When asked about what traditions he does when with his family, it had me thinking about my own. With his family, the traditions him and his family celebrate and participate in are classic and story book gold. “...getting a Christmas tree and decorating it which usually can take hours while we have holiday music playing. It’s a pretty nice time and there’s usually laughter and smiling. We also make hundreds of random cookies that usually take up a whole day or two…” Let’s stop right there. If it is really that many cookies, he needs to share. Am I right or what? “...we give most of them away to our neighbors or family and usually we would go to a family member’s house for Christmas for a family get together, but not this year…” 

    I’m gonna pause here again. Another part of the interview with him, I asked him what travel plans he (or anyone in his family) had during this season and his response just shows how determined some people are to be with family at such a special time. “-... my grandmother will still come and visit us. On Christmas Eve every year since I was born, we would go to our neighbors house and listen to music and talk and eat food and catch up on life. I have a few family members that are traveling and they are worried about packed airports and accidentally getting COVID but this is the only time of year that some of them get to see family so it’s a risk they are willing take even though they won’t get to see their family until they are done with the quarantine. They are still excited to be able to celebrate the holiday season with their family and be able to pretend this year is a little more normal.” 

    That last part hit a little home.. Simply because of how crazy the year has been as a whole and how we need to seize moments like this. He admitted that he wasn’t the biggest fan of the holiday, but for him and his family, it would be his last. So for his family, it’s very special to have him there just one more time before he goes off to the Marines. He has it in place to make it the best and most special holiday for them as possible, which brings us to the other question that I asked him. What do the holidays mean to them? To him, the holidays mean “-...the holidays aren’t really about us, it’s about those around us and making sure they are alright and happy cause without friends and family,   we would all be different people so it’s good to appreciate them for who they are a few times each year and Christmas and this holiday season I think is an especially good time to do so…” 

    Up next on our list of interviewees, is XGN Ninja. He hails from Walking Amongst Gods division… and his story.. is something of  a heart wrencher. I don’t want to say a rags to riches type of situation because that isn’t right. His story has some moral standing that should be made aware. For this holiday season, Ninja talks about how Christmas is the only holiday that his family because of the special jolly feeling they get and how all of his mother’s side of the family comes over for Christmas Day and that’s one of the only times they all see each other.. “.... My Dad is the one that grew me into Christmas because he came from the slums and used Christmas as a day of being thankful for where he is and helping out others.” 

    As for his travel plans for the season, he usually traveled with his father and grandpa to a log cabin in Pennsylvania and went on a hunting trip. It has been so bad with COVID this year, they still plan on going on that hunting trip but it would be just the two of them. “... unfortunately (we) aren’t having anyone over for Christmas except close family. It’s only going to be an aunt and uncle and grandparents, which live with us. But the party this year is gonna be smaller but the feeling will be greater because this year Christmas is gonna make us forget for a bit on what is happening with COVID, and just enjoy the sense of family and having some jolly spirit.” 

    This next part is what hit me the most, how he gives back during the holidays. “...Christmas time is a big time for me to help out the poor and give to others. I usually volunteer at the soup kitchen, and help with my school's collection in which we are always the top school in our count despite being a small private school. So it’s really about giving back and helping people not as fortunate out.” 

    After speaking to these two, it made me understand that there are so many different reasons on what Christmas means to people, so many similar but also different traditions involved with people's families that it makes you wonder. This year is a hard one for me, personally because of family. But after reading these answers and thinking about it, it gives me some hope that things will turn around. This is XGN UnholyLie reporting during this holiday season. I wish everyone the best and hope that they stay safe. 

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