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    Mr XGN

    Xiled Syndicate Mobile Application?



    Hello Xiled Gamers! 


    Over the next [7] days Xiled Syndicate will be allocating 100% of any, and all Xiled Elite, Forum Group, Forum Award, Discord Role, Apparel, and Donations to the furthering of our new primary website XiledSyndicate.com. -


    Understand this is something our organization has had to goal of accomplishing for sometime, unfortunately we utilize a third-party software and it ultimately wasn't up to us. However, this has all changed, and we have a clear path, and instructions to make browsing our website 100% easier, and convenient for the member. Big changes are coming to XS, and below I will break down how every cent if you decide to spend it will be used. 

    - Plugin Renewal / Upgrade: As some of you may have noticed some key-website features are not live. This is because since upgrading to our new version many plugins have become outdated, and obsolete. In Order to correct this we must re-purchase several plugins. Note: Before considered for mobile application you must have a completely legal, and up to date forum. 

    - Plugin Acquisition: There are several key plugins that we have never used before, some of which have already been purchased and installed. For example this page! We now have News Articles, Marketplace, and Custom Page plugins and have hopes of picking up 3-5 more premium plugins to better the website experience. 

    - Hosting: Xiled Syndicate currently spends $500+ in monthly expenses, since we now have [1] domain it only makes sense to move to Cloud Hosting by IPB. - This would decrease our monthly expenses tremendously.

    - Theme License Keys: We currently have a theme for each community of Xiled Syndicate, purchasing a license for each is needed to be considered for the application.

    - Apple/Android/Microsoft App: Xiled Syndicate will use funds to ensure all the following above is updated, and ready to go. A mobile application / the ability to browse an optimized version of this website is going to be amazing. Especially if placed on Xbox Live.

    Aprox Needed: $2000
    Owners of Xiled Syndicate have agreed to match every $1 made/raised in the next [2] weeks up to $1,000.


    How to support this:

    - Share the page (its free)
    - Purchase any Xiled Elite Subscription
    - Purchase a Custom Forums Group/Award
    - Purchase a Custom Discord Role

    - Donate 
    - Purchase Apparel

    - Purchase XS Gift Cards (for friends)

    👻Purchase the Xiled Syndicate Spooktacular Bundle! 🎃
    Bundle Includes:
    -1 Lifetime Xiled Elite Membership (Giftable)
    -1 Xiled Syndicate Team Jersey of choice (Giftable)
    -1 Xiled Syndicate Mousepad or Facemask (Put in order notes or email [email protected])

    100% of Proceeds go toward web-development and application.


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