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    Mr XGN
    Mr XGN

    Xiled Syndicate 2021

    Hello Xiled Syndicate!


    As most of you should know by now Xiled Syndicate leadership has been working diligently to revamp our organization's core infrastructure and methods of "clan building."


    Last week 100+ Xiled Syndicate Community Leaders, Department Heads, and Xiled Elite members gathered as I unveiled the vision that will take our family of players to the new age, and more importantly the NEXT LEVEL.


    For nearly 2 decades most groups that splintered from KSI Global would inherit the same Clan-Operations system, along with its systemic flaws with little to no adjustment or change.


    A system that was not created with the intent to cause harm, or to hinder growth but the outcome of building your clans infrastructure with the tools available. We're talking about an era of Xbox Live that limited how many friends you could have online, only allowing 1on1 chats outside of game lobbies and no serious way for players to communicate outside of MSN. - The structure the majority of clans (including us) utilize hasn't been changed in nearly 20 Years..


    Tonight, that has changed. Xiled Syndicate ownership, and leadership successfully Voted, and Passed our new and improved Rank Structure, Policies, Code of Conduct, and all-around Infrastructure, dropping the use of "squads" from the equation.


    This is monumental and will set the tone for the next decade of gaming communities. The enhancements made to our organization's system will result in a magnitude of positive advancements, and growth. All 2020 our leaders have worked to make XS a safe gaming environment players can join, take part in, and have fun. Via the removal of Blacklisting, and now this we are more confident than ever, gamers will do just that.


    What now? Leaders across XS have a unified game-plan and will begin the process of transitioning all corners of our organization this week. Simply await word from your Senior Leadership and they will work your division through the transitioning process with ease.


    What to expect? - All Xiled Syndicate Divisions will now be using the same Code of Conduct, Rank Structure, Policies, Training Guide, and Test(s) (MSG Test + COL Test) - We expect the weeks ahead will be utilized to familiarize yourself with the new system, it's surroundings, and documentation. Divisional Teams will also take a variety of time-frames to create and set-up depending on the division. Remain patient, calm, and positive - this is a completely new system and implementation/adaptation should take time.


    It's time the effort, growth, and grind mean something. It's time we Level Up!


    Without taking up too much more of your time, I am linking where to find all the updated documentation below.



    Xiled Syndicate Code of Conduct: https://xiledsyndicate.com/coc/


    Xiled Syndicate Rank Structure: https://xiledsyndicate.com/structure/


    Xiled Syndicate Training Guide: https://xiledsyndicate.com/guide/


    Xiled Syndicate Glossary: https://xiledsyndicate.com/glossary/


    Xiled Syndicate Website Rules: https://xiledsyndicate.com/rules/

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