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    Buckle Up For the Xiled Vision of 2021!

    Happy New Year Xiled Syndicate! We hope you all enjoyed the holidays with your loved ones, and we hope you are enjoying 2021 so far! 

    We have just had a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT come from the legend himself, Mr XGN! In his announcement, he thanks all of the members of Xiled Syndicate and the XS Communities of XGN, KN, BGL, TXI, TXO, OTO, and UXE for all of their hard work throughout the years, for helping to shape the Communities to what they are today. Like each and every year, the Community evolves, changes for the better, and to bring new and exciting experiences to the members. The #XiledMovement is doing exactly that! 

    In 2021 you will see Xiled Syndicate, and the Xiled Movement like you have never seen it before. With a number of improvements and changes coming, you will be eating, sleeping, and breathing Xiled like you have NEVER done before in your life. Bringing more partnerships, more friendships, and more gaming, this is going to be OUR YEAR TO SHINE! 

    Check out Mr XGN's OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT below. Be sure you are following Mr XGN AND Xiled Syndicate on all Social Medias so you don't miss out on anything! 

    "Hello Xiled Syndicate!

    It's been a moment since I've addressed the community however as we enter 2021 the need to express how proud I am of all members of our internet family. From Xiled Gaming Network, The Xiled Ones, Killjoy Network, Banished Gaming Legends, and the newly re-imagined Team Xiled International, United Xiled Empire, and Outlast The Opposition.

    I also would like to thank the hard-working leadership, and staff from Xiled Syndicate, Xiled League, Xiled Partnerships, Xiled Kingdom, Find A Clan, Aporia Customs, AirDrop Crates, JerkyXP, Fruitlab, and Rogue Energy.

    It's also important that a moment is taken to express our appreciation to TSB TERRORCODE, Helios XDG, and the entire Hydra Alliance - When Cali first pushed to bridge our decade long divided scene I never knew so much Friendship, Unity, Perspective, and Positive Growth could be gained from a simple conversation. I expect nothing short of a powerful 2021 for Xiled Syndicate thanks to the continued support of our TSB/XDG/RGN family.

    I'm sure I could list more, however, to keep this short, if you are currently a member of our community, or simply support what we do here in the clan scene we thank you deeply. Everything we do daily is for you. The goals of our first community (XGN) established 10+ years ago have been met, and new ones have formed. We have seen 100,000+ players join our ranks, most have created friendships, acquired life/job skills, and created memories that will last a lifetime. And that alone is worth continuing..
    In 2021 more people will join Xiled Syndicate than ever before. More gamers will experience our take on a "premier gaming environment" and that's due to key changes our organization and the "clan scene" overall has made in 2020, but mainly thanks to you, for laying the foundation for what will become the next generation of Xiled, and what we feel will set the tone for the entire clan scene. No Blacklists, Less Stress, More Fun.

    Alongside positive structural advancements, members can expect the following.
    - Xiled Syndicate Technology Development
    - Xiled Syndicate Career Paths
    - Community Philanthropy
    - XS-wide Content Creation Team 3.0
    - 10x the events -/- 10x the prize pools
    - Geographic Expansion
    - Additional growth of 5,000+ members
    - Key Partnerships / Relations
    - Opportunity
    - Oh, and our reintroduction into professional eSports. 

    More information on all our 2021 plans and goals will be published on xiledsyndicate.com in the coming weeks. But for now, again Thank You to @everyone that has made Xiled Syndicate the #1 hub for gamers to gather, meet friends and have fun. Happy New Year!"

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