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  • Jessi

    Huge Changes Coming To Xiled Syndicate!

    Written By: XGN Jessi 7XS

    If you don't know, you are about to know. HUGE changes are coming to Xiled Syndicate beginning as soon as today! As we are all familiar, the Xiled Syndicate powerhouse started with the very first community Xiled Gaming Network. In the last 3 years since Xiled Syndicate was launched, XS has grown to house multiple communities such as The Xiled Ones, Killjoy Network, Banished Gaming Legends, United Xiled Empire, and Team Xiled International. To bring more sense of community and togetherness, big changes are happening now that may affect current members, but know this is all for the better and to bring everyone together.

    First up let's begin with The Xiled Ones [TXO]. Recent events had led to an exit of members from TXO as a whole, however the leadership and members that remained never stopped their hard work and dedication. They put on their game faces and kept going to keep TXO a great community. We even saw the FIRST FEMALE XS COMMUNITY PRESIDENT when Xiled Bree was promoted to President of TXO. The time and effort that the leaders and members of The Xiled Ones will never be forgotten or unnoticed, as the new change merges the TXO Divisions of VII, XL, and XK together to form The Xiled Ones [TXO] as a Division within Xiled Gaming Network. With the community merging into XGN, we have witnesses some great promotions. Please join me in congratulating; 
    TXO M3diiK 7 promoted to XS Council
    TXO Knuk XS promoted to TXO Senior Director
    TXO Dabinhash promoted to Director
    TXO Revan promoted to Division Leader of The Xiled Ones
    Xiled Asuna promoted to TXO Co-Division Leader
    TXO Wolf XIX [aka Xiled WolfiE] promoted to Director

    Team Xiled International [TXI] came on the scene in 2009, and relaunched in late 2020. Sticking to their roots to bring gamers together, TXI has built up their sole Division Xiled Cavalry. Now TXI will come to Xiled Gaming Network as their own Division, and they will be an 18+ only Division. Let's congratulate the following members of TXI on their promotions;
    TXI SANDMAN 7XS promoted to Senior Director
    TXI MsBloodSinger promoted to Senior Director
    TXI HYPE XS promoted to Senior Director

    Xiled Gaming Network was launched in July of 2010. Housing multiple Divisions over platforms such as PC, mobile, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and even Xbox One. Some current XGN Divisions will be merging with each other as to make stronger Divisions. The first couple changes that will be made are that of rebranding two of the XGN Divisions. Game or Die [GoD] will be rebranded to become Xiled or Die [XoD]. Devil's Rejects [DR] will be merging with The Xiled Ones, as we all know that Devil's Rejects members were the beginning of what is now TXO. With the merging of Devil's Rejects and The Xiled Ones, there is hope to create a very strong Division once again. This rebranding is in thought to get rid of the religious connotation that could be taken from the abbreviation of "GoD" and the "Devil". 

    The Psychotic Solutions Division, which is the main home for PlayStation members of XGN, will not be merging or changing. The Brotherhood of Steel [BoS] Division, has undergone some changes lately and has become smaller, and will be merging with Dealers of Death [DoD] a very strong Division. Walking Amongst Gods [WaG] will be merging with Double Helix [DH]. Both WaG and DH are smaller Divisions on their own, and members seem to favor that atmosphere as opposed to very large Divisions. 

    Through this, several members of Xiled Gaming Network have been promoted as well. Please congratulate the following members on their promotions;
    XGN Storm VII promoted to Senior Director
    XGN Axel 7 promoted to Senior Director
    XGN JUGGALO VII promoted to Senior Director
    Xiled Hagus 7 promoted to Senior Director
    XGN SVD 7 promoted to Senior Director
    XGN iiKILLL 7XS promoted to Senior Director

    XGN Kaiser 7 promoted to Director
    Xiled Navstar promoted to Director
    Queenie promoted to Director
    XGN Typhoon promoted to Director
    XGN Cataclysm promoted to Director
    XGN Guin VII promoted to Director
    XGN MICKSICK 7 promoted to Director
    XGN Radial 7 promoted to Director
    XGN Ripley 7 promoted to Director
    XGN Sparta 7 promoted to Director
    XGN Twister 7XS promoted to Director

    CherryBombed90 promoted to Division Leader of Psychotic Solutions
    Zeno VII promoted to Division Leader of Xiled or Die
    Xiled Emerald 7 promoted to Division Leader of Dealers of Death
    XGN Nix 7 promoted to Co-Division Leader of Dealers of Death
    XGN D3rp VII promoted to Division Leader of Double Helix
    Whale of XGN promoted to Co-Division Leader of Double Helix

    Congratulations to all the members of XGN, TXI, and TXO who have received their various promotions to new ranks within their Divisions as well. 

    All of these changes are being made with members in mind. Having fewer but stronger Divisions will help with creating a more consistent atmosphere within Xiled Syndicate. This would ensure that no matter what Division a new member may join, the experience they receive would be the same rather than one Division not being able to offer something another Division may have to offer. This will also enhance the experience for current members, giving members a better sense of togetherness rather than the experience of their Division "dying out". 

    From myself, I have been with Xiled Gaming Network since 2014 and I have experienced many changes throughout the community as well. While these changes are abrupt, they are necessary to keep with the current state of community gaming and I can assure they are all for the better, although it may take some time to see the benefits of this, they will come and they will be amazing. 

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