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    XGN Mayuri 7 Promoted to Founder in Game or Die!

    Article By: XGN Ellie 7

    Hey Gamers! Today I am interviewing a close friend and an awesome leader, XGN Mayuri 7! He was recently promoted to Founder in Game or Die. This guy has helped me improve myself massively when it comes to Clan Operations. 

    Ellie 7: “When were you recruited into XGN? Was GoD your first division?”
    Mayuri 7: “12-15-19 and yes, GoD is my first Division in XGN.”

    Ellie 7: “If you could name something you’d want your members to know about you, what would that be?”
    Mayuri 7: “Oh man I guess how long I've been gaming, which is like 13 years now lol.”

    Ellie 7: “What’s the hardest part about being a Founder in the largest division in XGN?”
    Mayuri 7: “Well for me it would be delegation I really stink at that at times, I enjoy what goes on here and I don't mind to work in the largest division in XGN.”

    Ellie 7: “Do you have any goals you’ve set for yourself in the community scene?”
    Mayuri 7: “Just to try to help and guide the next group of gamers being 1 year shy of 30 I've been around the block as they say. So I would just like to teach people and watch them grow at this point.”

    Ellie 7: “Do you have any advice for newer members?”
    Mayuri 7: “Yes communities like XGN are a great place to meet friends and have fun. So don't forget to have fun.”

    Ellie 7: “Do you have a mentor? Have they given you any advice that could apply to lower ranking members? What is the advice?”
    Mayuri 7: “I've had at least 3 mentors here in XS (Snow, Turtle, and Comet). I've grown a lot with their help here in XGN. Ya, I'm a firm believer that IRL comes first, but once you find that balance i believe that anyone can flourish.”

    I have known Mayuri for a long while now and I can definitely confirm he is an amazing leader, and just generally a fun guy to be around. I cannot express how proud I am of him, he’s accomplished many things here in GoD. Congratulations on your promotion, Mayuri!

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