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  • xElysium VII
    xElysium VII

    Xiled Family Remembered: XGN Cash

    Article By: XGN Elysium

    XGN has been impacting people of many different backgrounds since the beginning in 2010. 

    People come and go, we grow here, we learn here. The hardest part is when people leave. We can remember the memories of games played and arguments had. But the impact that one person can have is incredible. This is written in the remembrance of XGN Cash. 

    XGN Cash came to XGN in the end of 2015, hiding in the ranks of old 360 squads and divisions. A small squad was being built, where Cash flourished and ranked as far as Colonel before his move to the Xbox One, where he maintained his Colonel rank for quite some time before he became more casual with XGN until recently when he took his leave. His last rank was Lieutenant, a proud member of Walking Amongst Gods. 

    Cash, or Mike, offered friendship and smiles to many people around the clan. His closest friend became XGN Texan of WAG. Mike passed at the age of 20, leaving his family behind. Cash will be remembered for his bold personality filled with laughs and smiles. He was a passionate fan of the Patriots and the Knicks. Cash did a lot of growing from his time in XGN. XGN Cash was a teacher and a leader. Anyone who wishes to pay any respects, or to support friends of Mike, contact XGN Texan. 

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