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    XGN Arya VII
    XGN Arya VII

    Mrs XGN Launches Xiled Gamer Girls Community!

    Article By: XGN Arya VII

    There are many changes coming in 2021 for Xiled Syndicate, namely new discord set ups as well as community revivals. This being said the Journalism Department heard about Mrs. XGN’s Xiled Gamer Girls, so we reached out to her to get more information on this amazing news. This new community is something that we haven’t seen before in not only Xiled Syndicate but I doubt anywhere else. While we sat down with Mrs. XGN, she gave us more details as well as her vision for the new community. This is the way the interview happened:

    What is Xiled gamer girls?

    “Xiled Gamer Girls is a community that was built for female gamers and also our allies (Guest) to have a safe place. This is important because of the amount of toxicity that female gamer endure during gaming and inside of clans. This will help with dealing with stereotypes and provides a respectful Pro-Female environment.”

    What’s your goal that you want to achieve with it?

    “I want to build a safe haven for as many fellow female gamers as possible. A place where they can come talk, be themselves and importantly game in a non-hostile environment. Or have others look at them any different because of our gender.”

    How do you hope to get it up and running?

    “I have wonderful staff, along with myself help creating the server to meet expectations of what I wanted to implement in the community. We also had our designs for the community done by TrashByDesign and had our launch 03/15/2021 on Twitter and have been growing rapidly ever since!”

    When it is up and running is it going to be any different than what we've encountered before?

    “Yes, because we have so many wonderful females who are here in XGG helping as staff to make a safe, caring and fun environment for all female gamers on all platforms. No matter what community they may be in. They are making sure to keep chat and events a running thing in the community. We also already have so many supportive members that are helping with ideas and being their awesome selves.”

    How do you plan on helping it grow?

    “There are many ways we hope to achieve growing numbers within XGG namely Social media, word of mouth, and hopefully recruiting at some point down the road.”

    Do you have any reservations or apprehensions when it comes to Xiled Gamer Girls?

    “Of course with anything new it can be scary to start and worry about the failure of something you put your heart and soul into, but I believe in myself and the fellow female council/staff I have chosen to help see this community through to it’s full potential. We hope to have events coming up and posted soon.”

    What inspired its creation?

    “As a female leader, I've been really inspired by the female gaming community PMS Clan. Not only is PMS one of the first clans in our scene, but it's an all Female clan and if you look into how far all those ladies have been able to go in the industry, it's something I want to bring to the girls here in Xiled Syndicate to greater heights and beyond.”

    Who helped you with the details?

    "All the ladies we already have on Staff are being a huge help getting things in order and helping with its growth already. In the early stages it was just my boyfriend Mr. XGN, some people say he knows quite a lot of things about clans? but I don’t know."

    Are there any last thoughts or advice you'd like to leave us with?

    “Females play such an important role in the clan scene, and receive very little gratitude and spotlight. Let's all work together to change that. We want to make a difference within gaming as a whole but not only that to change the many stereotypes surrounding female gamers. With that if you are a female id like to extend an invitation to our discord server: https://discord.gg/JGJUQTjh7Y.”

    What are your thoughts on it when it comes to others who may not like the idea?

    “Xiled Syndicate is the first network with a Female Vice President, Many Female Department Heads/Staff, and now a safe environment for all female gamers/leaders through-out the entire scene with XGG. I hope we have any members who don't like the idea of empowering our girls.”

    There you have it folks! Xiled Gamer Girls is being established with the effort and hard work of many in not only Board of Directors but also many staff members, who’re dedicated to helping build this new community to help benefit not only Xiled Syndicate but women gamers everywhere. With this new information on the amazing new gaming community being built by our very own Mrs. XGN, we hope and wish her the very best for you and the new community.

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    Great Idea, my only complaint is in the first paragraph. 

    Xiled Gaming Community had an XGG Division back in the day. Unfortunately the ladies didn't play too well with each other, & I believe it was an idea ahead of its time. 

    In fact, there are a few significant similarities between XGC & XGN. I've tried to do the research on my own about the exact origins of XGN & it's relations to XGC, but I've fallen short of the key details I'm looking for. Would anybody be willing to help out?

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