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  • Jessi

    TXO Inducts 6 New Members to the Hall of Fame!


    As we celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of The Xiled Ones, we can join in congratulating the following members on their next milestone, Hall of Fame. 

    In 2019 on the first Anniversary of TXO, the Hall of Fame was established in their community. The members inducted, are chosen based on a high standard of leadership and their contributions to the Community. 

    Congratulations to the newest inductees to the TXO Hall of Fame for 2020. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to your Community to help shape it to what it is today. 

    From Victory is Imminent
    TXO Knuk XIX
    TXO M3diiK 7

    From Xiled Kingz
    TXO Slav XIX

    From Xiled Legends
    TXO GrizziHD XIX
    TXO SwatMonster

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