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  • BGL Venom XS
    BGL Venom XS

    Team Xiled International Community Update!

    Article By: BGL Venom XS
     Here in Xiled Syndicate, each one of the communities are growing more and more by the day, and Team Xiled International is no different! I had the privilege to meet with TXI SANDMAN 7XS to get the latest details on what is currently happening within the community. TXI is currently recruiting all players 18+ on all platforms! TXI is growing in all aspects, and there is no sign in stopping!

    TXI SANDMAN 7XS is currently a Senior Director, and was overall a wonderful person to sit down and talk with. The first question that came to mind was “When it comes to leadership, how has growth been within TXI?”. “Growth has been well! We have leaders that are growing and learning while they teach our newer members. TXI leaders’ growth has been amazing these past few months.”

    Regarding future events and changes, I asked “In the near future, what are you guys looking forward to the most when it comes to community operations, and what kind of events are coming soon within TXI?” “What we are looking forward to the most are more changes to our upper divisional staff and competitive teams. The events coming soon are recruiting events so our members can earn cash prizes.”

    On the topic of recruitment events, I asked “How has recruiting been within TXI? If well, what tips do you have for inexperienced recruiters?” “Recruiting has been slow but well. My tip for new recruiters is getting to know potential members. Play a lot of games with them.”
    As the majority of XS knows, there has been some new changes to the XS discord server. So for the last question, I asked “How has the new discord changes impacted TXI?” “The new changes to discord have not impacted TXI in any way. We got used to it, and some of us have to learn to accept it.”

    Being able to learn more about TXI as a whole and ask about their newest updates was an amazing experience overall! There are always new events going on and new changes happening to each community within Xiled Syndicate. We are always looking for new and exciting things coming in the near future to each one of the communities!

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