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  • Spookie Jessie
    Spookie Jessie

    Sponsor Spotlight: Rogue Energy

    Article By: Jessi 7XS

    Welcome to another sweet Sponsor Spotlight! 

    Rogue Energy was founded in January 2017 and creating the best gaming drink in the world, Rogue packs a punch with their super delicious drinks. The goal of their drinks is to enhance energy & focus by way of a combination of natural Nootropics, vitamins, and amino acids.

    What the heck is a Nootropic? Nootropics are supplements that help to improve cognitive function such as memory, creativity, and motivation. Combined with vitamins, antioxidants, and natural amino acids, Rogue Energy drinks give you the energy & focus that you need, without all the extra junk that causes energy crashes like other big name energy drinks. Best part is that it is zero calorie, gluten free, and sugar free! 

    Marketed originally for gamers and those in the competitive gaming scene, Rogue has gained a huge crossover following with even athletes, and just regular students using Rogue energy as their newest energy drink source and kicking mainstream energy drinks to the curb. 

    Offering not just 30 serving tubs, Rogue also offers Starter Kits, Single Serve Packs, and custom 16 pack Boxes also where you can choose your flavors. Need a new shaker? They have plenty of options between 16oz shakers and 25oz shakers. They even have some sweet merch if you want to rep Rogue everyday!

    Go check out Rogue and try it for yourself! You WILL NOT be disappointed. Use the code ‘XILED’ to save on your purchase!

    Be sure to follow Rogue Energy on Twitter!

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