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  • Jessi

    Rogue Energy Introduces Cookies N Cream Shake

    Article By: Jessi 7XS

    We all have a sweet tooth. You can’t deny it, you know you do; but if you want to hide that sweet tooth from everyone else, at least you can enjoy something new like everyone else. Rogue Energy, the biggest name in energy has released an amazing new product this week. 

    Introducing the Cookies ‘N’ Cream Shake. This is a new frontier for Rogue, as instead of mixing with water like traditional Rogue Energy, you mix this with milk. Yes, you heard me right, MILK. You like milkshakes? Hate all the extra calories and sugar that comes with it? Fear not! The Cookies ‘N’ Cream Shake has 0 calories, 0 sugar, is gluten free, and still gives you the same energy and focus, but as a MILKSHAKE!

    Want to get your hands on some for yourself? You can snag a 40 serving tub for $32.99USD. Right now, Rogue is celebrating Black Friday week! Use code “BOGO50” at check out while purchasing two tubs, and get your second tub half off! 

    Get your hands on Cookies 'N' Cream Shake today!

    As a great sponsor of Xiled Syndicate, use the code “Xiled” at checkout, and save 15% off your entire purchase!

    Have you tried Cookies ‘N’ Cream yet? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think! 

    Make sure you follow Rogue Energy on Twitter!

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