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  • BGL Venom XS
    BGL Venom XS

    Meet Xiled League's Season Sponsor: XGN Thor XS!

    Article By: BGL Venom XS

    When you think Xiled League is growing and doing great, things get better! With the love and support from fans as well as players, Xiled League continues to grow. I had the chance to shine some spotlight on someone who has changed XL’s upcoming Rainbow Six season. XGN Thor XS gave his division, GoD, a chance to be this season’s sponsor. When I met with Thor as well as GoD’s Siege Captain, XGN LiL KiLL, it was one of the best experiences I’ve had during an interview. I couldn’t wait to get an inside look on how it all went down! First off, we all have to start somewhere. I asked him “When and why did you join XGN? How did you get involved with the Xiled League?”

        “I originally joined XGN in 2015. I was in GoD and eventually transferred over to DR. I went on a Military LoA, and came back to GoD. I joined because Xiled Syndicate is a good place to be. The community as a whole is great place. Before the Xiled League was a thing, there were the days on Div vs. Div. I tried out for the Xiled Reapers (current day OTO). I made the team but I didn’t decide to join due to Military purposes. I didn’t enjoy the atmosphere and chemistry, it just wasn’t for me. When I came back to GoD, I joined a team called Legion. That’s what got me hooked. I loved GoD’s team a lot. The people, the atmosphere, the competitiveness and the teamwork.”

        It might not be known to others, but XGN Thor XS donated a total of $500 in gifted subs and $550 in the prize pool, and recently it has increased to a larger total of $1500 from other sources! I asked “With your donation, GoD is now the official sponsor for this Xiled League season. How did you feel when you heard about this news? Why did you decide to donate the money and subs?”

        “I was extremely happy! Originally, it was going to be just me, but I wanted my division to be represented as well. It brings pride to myself and my division. The gifted subs were just giving back the guys on Twitch. I liked watching their reactions. I am under a secret name in Twitch and when I donated, it was pretty funny and cool watching their reactions. I had a talk with Uprise, and he told me that I could donate directly to the League. I donated to help with development, growth, and the prize pool. I’d like to give back. If it weren’t for XGN LiLKiLL, I wouldn’t be here helping. He got me involved and he has been a huge motivator.”

        To bring the interview to a close, I asked “What goals or achievements would you like to see in the future with the Xiled League and Xiled Syndicate as a whole?”. “In Xiled League, I’d like to see growth and be able to see more events with teams as well as fans. GoD is aiming to sponsor again in future seasons to help with growth in general. In Xiled Syndicate in general, I’d like to see all divisions have representation and teams. Equality and growth throughout all communities and divisions.”

        The Xiled League has never failed to impress with new events, news, and a growing fan base. It truly is amazing to see participation and interaction between both fans and players. To see this level of support is amazing, and I personally can’t wait to see what is to come!

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