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  • XGN Arya VII
    XGN Arya VII

    XS October Member Spotlight: XGN Darstar 7

    Article By: XGN Arya VII

    In Xiled Syndicate we enjoy watching others grow within the communities and Xiled Departments. We encourage members to excel in all aspects of Leadership and life in general. In this case, XGN Darstar 7 has proven not only that he is a hard worker but also has earned the respect and admiration of his peers. We in the XS Journalism team discovered that not only was he nominated and won the XS member spotlight, but also was promoted to Co-Founder! So we got with him to interview him for both major accomplishments, and this is how it went: 

    When did you join XS?

    "I joined Xiled Syndicate on February 19th, 2020."

    Did you want to rank up originally?

    "Yes. I have past Leadership skills, I am a loyal person but the past communities I’ve been in just drove me to the point where I couldn’t work with them anymore. XGN/XS is well structurally built, its allowed me to continue build my leadership skills and move up high here and still keep going."

    Who inspired you to take the next step in ranking up?

    "XGN Sensei 7 and XGN SH00T1TEX 7. Sensei was one of the first members I got to know when I first joined XGN, at the time I met him he was a Founder, after he got to know me a bit, he was willing to spend a lot of time with me and teach me a lot about the community and learn some of our Division history, I became his mentee. He knew I had good leadership skills from past communities I’ve been in and wanted to make sure I used those skills well here in XGN. After I became a Major, and I was pretty much ready to become my own leader. Sensei became our Division Leader and there were still times where I went to him for guidance. As time went by, I got to know XGN SH00T1TEX 7. Tex has been our Acting Division Leader a few times when our Division Leader needed to step away for a bit on LOA. Tex has been here for many years and just like Sensei, Tex is a really cool person to get to know. She has a lot of knowledge in the community as well so I wanted to learn more from her too. Tex is a Senior Director and that’s actually my goal to become here in XGN, good to learn from someone that’s already there. Overtime Tex and I became good friends and I also became her mentee as well. I still got a long journey here and I glad to know I’m in good hands."

    What did you hope to accomplish when you started ranking up?

    "I wanted to make my Division the best it can be. Split an amazing squad, and work my way up to become a Division Leader. But my main goal is to become to Senior Director."

    How high in the ranks are you hoping to go?

    "As I mentioned before, I hope to reach the rank of Senior Director, I am interested to know more about being an XGN Board of Director. "

    This being said as part of the accomplishment of his promotion, the next few questions we asked were about his achievement in becoming XS's member spotlight recipient.

    How do you feel about being chosen as XGN’s member spotlight?

    "I was surprised lol. One of my squad members/friends said she nominated me, I was like, “Oh, awesome! Thank you.” I put one announcement letting people know to vote whoever they want. A few days later my friends told me to check the polls. I was surprised to see I was winning lol. Makes me feel like people do appreciate my hard work here even more."

    Did you think you would be chosen for the spotlight?

    "No. I saw the notification when Jessi posted it, but I didn’t think much of it. Especially when I knew the Xbox side of the community was bigger than the PlayStation side at the moment so I didn’t think I’d stand a chance lol. I was surprised and grateful I was chosen."

    With all that you do what would you like others to know about you?

    "I’m a cool and understanding person to get to know, I don’t take kindly to drama though lol. One of my goals which is kind of common here, is to build my YouTube career. My channel (DarstarEddy) has over 6K Subs with over a million total views, I’m a great editor and make good content, mainly post Comedy Gaming videos, I’ve even posted videos XGN related. I’m not consistent with upload schedules so that’s something I’m trying to work on. I just have a lot of things going on. One big thing I’d like people to know about me is that I’m a father, so yeah I have a family to take care of. Another big thing I want people to know is that I’m not planning on ever going anywhere so get used to seeing my name around lol."

    What do you want to accomplish by showing others your hard work and dedication?

    "I hope to help inspire others to do the same thing, even greater if they can. I always want to help and encourage people to do their best, have good judgement and common sense, and don’t be rude or Disrespectful lol."

    Are there any last thoughts you like to leave us with?

    "Be ready for the changes coming to XS. I was one of the people that thought all these new changes coming to XS with the Rank Structure changes and all the squads were going away was a bad idea and that it would start chaos. But after thinking everything through and understanding why all this is going to happen, I saw a lot of bright sides to it. I’m going to stay regardless, but for others, best thing I can say is, give it a chance. I know we’re all used to how things are but just see how it’s going to turn out, “Adapt and overcome”. Hope everyone takes care and be safe out there."

    So on behalf of all of XS, thank you for what you do and the dedication you have shown in your Division. We appreciate your time and we look forward to what the future has in store for you. Also congratulations on your promotion and good luck in all aspects that you tackle. 

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