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  • Jessi

    Xiled League To Launch Y1S0 of COD League

    Article By: Jessi 7XS

    More exciting news just keeps coming from Xiled League! After the launch of Xiled League this year, we have already seen the start of the very first season of the Rainbow Six Siege League. For those who enjoy Call of Duty competitive, Xiled League is about to launch the very first COD League Season.

    Launching on October 31st 2020, the league will consist of 8 teams. The league will run for 7 weeks, ending just before the Christmas holiday break. Teams will compete in single matches each Saturday beginning at 12pm and 6pm eastern. This will allow the COD League season to run in tandem with the current Siege League season. Keep in mind however, there may be a possible delay if needed.

    There has recently been a restructuring of Call of Duty Leadership by Xiled League Ownership. Due to this change, Call of Duty teams will be able to participate at the same level as Rainbow Six Siege and Apex Legends. The league will run 4v4 and follow the current Call of Duty League rules, with the Xiled League version of Gentleman’s Agreement. 

    The league will get its start on Modern Warfare, but once Black Ops Cold War launches in November, we will see a move to that title. The first season of Call of Duty from Xiled League is sure shaping up to be a great one, and we are so excited to see what is to come!

    As always, you can follow all updates from Xiled League through their Official Twitter. Matches as always will be streamed through their Official Twitch Channel

    Want to learn more about Xiled League? A cross community, cross platform, and international gaming league for all gamers to enjoy! Join their Official Discord today!

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