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  • Jessi


    Article By: Jessi 7XS

    We were all excited to hear that Xbox announced a new console to be released for “Holiday 2020”, we have now come to know that console as Xbox Series X. We were given more details throughout 2020; hardware specs, updates from the last console, even day one launch titles.

    Recently, Xbox has announced its own competition to the Xbox Series X…the Xbox Series S. The Series S is a fully digital edition of the Series X console, meaning there is no disc drive in this console. With the days of streaming, and the improvement in technology, most would say that no disc drive is no great loss to them. However, those who prefer having hard copies of their games on disc, clearly this console is not for you.
    Xbox boasts that this is the smallest console in the market. With dimensions of 6.5cm x 15.1cm x 27.5cm and a weight of 4.25lbs, this really is the smallest console. Most of our lives, we have been under the impression that smaller means “dumbed down”, this is definitely NOT the case with the Series S.

    Like the Series X, the S doesn’t have too much difference in what it’s packin for hardware. Still loaded with the Custom Zen 2 CPU, and the capability for DirectX Raytracing with RDNA 2 GPU, the GPU does differ in that the S sits at 4 teraflops, ⅓ of what the X has on board. Memory also is slightly less, with only 10GB GDDR6, but where we see a huge cut is the storage. In the Series X, it has a capacity of 1 TB SSD, sadly we will only get 512GB in the S. Good news is however the S will still come standard with the support for the Seagate Expansion Card.

    The best part about the Series S, we do not lose out on any of the goodies. Obviously being all digital, all game saves are stored safe to the cloud. Xbox Game Pass, gives you access to over 100+ Xbox One games, even backward compatible games, and day one console releases. Don’t even forget about smart delivery; once downloaded, you will always have the best updated version of the game for your console, no matter which console you are playing on.

    Compared to the Series X, yes we do see a significant price difference. The Series X runs retail for $499 where the Series S runs $299. Yes, a $200 difference for a disc drive, more storage, and a small difference in GPU & Memory. Either way, I don’t think you can’t go wrong with any one of these consoles, I guess it must just depend on your personal preference. The best thing about consoles is that everything you need is already right there for you off the jump, compared to a PC where you would slowly or all at once upgrade internals to meet your needs.

    The real question is, for a project that Microsoft/Xbox has been working on for so long, why would they release basically their own competition? Well, that can be explained with the fact that with everyone at home and needing a way to entertain themselves, gaming consoles are in high demand. Not only that aspect, but it’s not new for Xbox to release multiple versions of the same console. Generally Xbox would release one console at a time, but this time a tandem release gives gamers more options.

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