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    xElysium VII

    Sega Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary

    Article By: XGN Elysium

    From being a coin operated World War 2 stress reliever, to a home console and now into a PC gaming business, Sega is giving away free games and has a massive sale starting right now for its 60th anniversary. But first, let's remember the history of Sega.

    It started with the restoration of slot machines turning them into coin operated games to offer things for soldiers to do in their leisure time during the war. It was a father son duo running the show, until the company was sold and turned into Sega Entertainment. Eventually in 1970, Sega Entertainment opened a 125 game arcade center in Sapporo, Japan. This was known as “Club Sega”.  They even opened a “Chuck-e-cheese” style restaurant called “PJ Pizzazz” in California, United States of America In 1979 some of the biggest games in history were born for arcade machines. These titles included, Head on and Frogger. By the early 1980’s Sega was one of the top five manufacturers for arcade games in the USA. 

    The first Sega console to be released was the SG-100. It was released exclusively in Japan. The titles for the system include Flicky, Congo Bongo, Sega-Galaga, and Girl's Garden. When the Sega Mark III came around it was released worldwide officially in 1985.

    In 1989, Sega released the Sega Genesis, its most profiting platform. Sega was living in the shadow of Nintendo’s Mario related franchise, leaving them to create everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog, Sonic. Originally, Sonic the Hedgehog was described as a blue-teal hedgehog with red shoes called Mr .Neddlemouse. He was renamed to Sonic. Magazines praised this game, causing Sega to have its best selling console outselling the Nintendo SNES in the USA during the 1991 holiday season. 

    There are many more steps that went into the rise of Sega, but Sega Entertainment is holding its 60th anniversary event until December 2. Games are available for Steam download, many of which are on sale until October 21 some games up to 95% off. There are three titles available for free which include, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Two Point Hospital Sega: 60th Items and, 

    Total War: SHOGUN 2 - Battle of Kawagoe. There is also a weekly drop available for sign up on the Sega 60th Anniversary website. Everything you need to know can be found at https://www.sega60th.com/ happy gaming Xiled Members!

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