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    xElysium VII

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Launches Spooky Update


    Article By: XGN Elysium
    Fall always has the best game content, and Red Dead Redemption 2 will be celebrating this 2020 Halloween with an online pass. There is still no hint of a sequel to the “Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare” but any fans of that story might be satisfied by this online pass that was released October 20 available through till November 16. 

    “Dead of the Night”, the name of the new game mode added, does not have a plot. However it has many perks. The long anticipated wait for die hard fans of zombies roaming online will be able to use their PvP skills. Four teams will compete for points taking down a rival gang. The rival gang you are fighting are, you guessed it, zombies! 

    The spooky season also brings in two new legendary panthers, The Nightwalker Panther of Bolger Gade and Ghost Panther of Bluewater Marsh. These creepy ghostly creatures - if you can catch them - can be taken to Gus’s store where you can unlock new garment sets. 

    For anyone who is a naturalist, you can transform to an opossum to do this; you must combine the knowledge gleaned from a pamphlet entitled Opossum Vitalism studied with the practical application of harvested Harrietum Officinalis flowers.

    The launch of the game’s Halloween pass starts October 20 and will run until November 16. You do not need the pass to participate in the Dead of the Night event, the ghastly panthers or were-possom. The pass is 15 gold bars and offers different benefits. There are 20 tiers to progress through. The Moonshine Bar will be decorated for the festive season as well and you will get to keep the pass gifts even after the event is up. 

    Another spooky Halloween thing to look forward to, get going in the pass right now getting into Red Dead Redemption 2 today. 

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