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    xElysium VII

    Phasmophobia: The New Horror Rage

    Article By: XGN Elysium

    Personally, I think it is always really hard to find a good horror game that is enjoyable with the company of friends. Phasmophobia is one of those games good for frightening you and the gang. 

    Phasmophobia is an indie co-op style horror game created and released for early access on September 18 2020. The overwhelming downloads have left the creators with a decision, keep the game in early access, or close it completely until official release. They choose, keeping it open! Early access is still available on Steam. The game is only available for PC. 

    The whole plot of the game is a team of paranormal activity investigators visiting very haunted locations. They have access to CCTV cameras to watch locations with motion sensors that can be activated by the paranormal. You can go into the location and interact with the ghosts, spirits and other paranormal phenomena. Or.. you can play it safe and be a baby hiding in the van watching the cameras. Not much fun in that. As time goes on the spirits get intensely more hostile as the time goes on. 

    There is a ton of equipment to choose from. There is equipment you start with such as a spirit box and a UV flashlight followed by some other handy items. There is equipment you can pick to use in the van itself, as well as purchasable equipment to help you determine ghosts. 

    During gameplay there is a time when you will be able to hunt the ghosts. This is because the ghost has become corporeal and is aiming to kill one of four players. During this time, all exits will be locked, and all lights will flicker including any flashlights or lights in your inventory will struggle to work. The ghost only attacks when the set up phase is over. It can be angered even  more by actions done by players in the set up phase. Every ghost is different.

    Phasmophobia is all around a good little spooky game to play with friends if you’re looking for that type of horror game. For full details of the game, and to get into the game itself, check the Steam website for official details. 

    Happy Gaming! 

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