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  • XGN Kiwis 7
    XGN Kiwis 7

    New Release: Assassin's Creed Valhalla

    Article By: XGN Kiwis 7

    Assassins Creed: Valhalla is set to release the same day that the major new generation of systems come out. Officially slated with a November 10th, 2020 release, it’s looking to be a game that is picked up along with the new Xbox Series X/S. Whether that is a good thing or not we shall find out.

    This new entry in the series marks it’s 12th game in it’s history since the first Assassins Creed came out in 2007. The story follows Eivor the main character in this game as he fights as a Viking raider. Your main objective is to take down and take over Anglo-Saxon England with other clans and kingdoms sharing the same goal as your own. This game in the series from what has been seen so far is definitely taking a more open world RPG turn, with a linear story, a skill tree, alternate mission outcomes, and enemies difficulty increased as you increase your own skills.

    Along with the slight changes to the game details there is an increased level of customization that you can apply to your main character in the past. Such as a newer aspect, changing the gender of the assassin you play, as well as having a huge selection of clothing, warpaint, tattoos, and armor.

    If you have never played an Assassins Creed game before, I would be glad to give you a quick summary. Throughout the years the main character in present day as switched but it deals with you essentially stopping this mega corporation Abstergo Industries from enslaving all of humanity. Abstergo represents the Knights Templar and ancient group of individuals that were formed at the dawn of time that’s goal was to completely control everything. The Assassins are the other group of people that are fighting against the Knights Templar to keep humanity in place. To try and gain control, Abstergo through the years have kidnapped people who were descendants of the Assassins to see where this artifact is that has the power to control people. 
    In general, Assassins Creed has established itself as a very meta-like game, implanting real world events into their game in the past through the Assassins and in modern day time to make it seem more realistic.

    The game looks solid and I possibly will be picking this up soon. With a solid 8.0/10 review from game review giant IGN, it sure does seem to be interesting. The rating that was warranted by them was cited by an abnormal amount of bugs (that has been expected for recent Assassins Creed games), but being made up by the immersive gameplay of the dirty past of world conquerors. 

    To all in XS getting this game, I wish it luck. Assassins Creed for me has been a game I haven’t enjoyed since the 3rd entry. However, with this new take with an increased RPG turn it’s sure to turn some heads to some people hesitant on buying the new title.

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