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    xElysium VII

    Minecraft Spooky Season Is Here!

    Article By: XGN Elysium

    With a year of having to make your own plans to stay at home, Minecraft is bringing you a sensational and spectacular spooky update for Minecraft including lots of special items for the game, and even some things for home. 

    Starting with Minecraft Earth, the augmented reality version of Minecraft, is bringing the “Boo! Spooky!” event allowing players to complete challenges. These challenges give themed character creator items. On October 20 the Witch and Viler Witch will be creeping their way through your phone screens.

    The Minecraft Dungeons team also decided to join in the Halloween fun. There will be time limited seasonal trials that give players rewards. These rewards are exclusive gear and weapons, but only if you’re strong enough to make it through their trials. The trials bring out hard mobs and the Minecraft Dungeon team also decided to bring in a new “Night Mode”, an even harder way to play the game. 

    Next up head over to the marketplace! Starting October 27, at 10AM PST/1PM EST, free skin packs will be available as well as a spooky character creator item! These are free until the event itself wraps up.

    Not feeling the game? How about some activities for home. Mojang Studios is providing a Halloween diy kit, so you can have fun with the family. The kit is on the website which includes cutout diy masks and stencils for your pumpkins! Planning on going trick-or-treating? Pick out costumes for the whole family of your favorite Minecraft mobs. Find your nearest costume store to pick up your costume! 

    The whole event comes to an end on November 2 at Midnight. So be prepared to get your spook on with Minecraft and Mojang studios this season and enjoy the spooky events offered this year. 

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