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    xElysium VII

    GTA V Gets a New Online Update!

    Article By: XGN Elysium

    The iconic Rockstar game, Grand Theft Auto V, has had so many things thrown into the game to keep players entertained since its release in 2013. Even though there is no official release date for the next step in the series, Grand Theft Auto VI, it would be safe to assume the next few updates and heists released may be some of the last and best, before the game is put to rest and focus if shifted to the next chapter. 

    This next update, which released December 15, 2020 is huge with tons of potential. The Cayo Perico update is one of the biggest updates the Grand Theft Auto has seen online. 

    Introducing a new social area called the "The Music Locker". This is an underground club for players to check out located beneath the Diamond Casino, real life DJ's will preform sets at the club. There are new gameplay features added to clubbing in GTA V, including the ability to dance with another player with a whole new set of dance moves added to the actions. There are a ton of updates to the radio, including new stations, new DJ's and tons of new music added to all of the stations. 

    Lets get to the Heist. The big picture. Players will have to infiltrate a new secluded island, to explore a notorious drug trafficker El Rubio. 

    Cayo Perico posses gorgeous golden beaches and marathon dance parties. Really drawing in all those wonderful musical artists, however as the story goes, the place of golden beauty hold many underground drug cartels with houses of questionable wealth. This heist promises a whole new approach to Grand Theft Auto V's classic heists. 

    Players have been complaining to Rockstar with lack of entertainment content within the game. Even with the Diamond Casino update dragging in many players, now players can be thrilled with a new heist mode for players to experience. 

    This update will have a bulk of its features in the basement of the Diamond Casino. There are a ton of fine details that are included with the heist that won't be revealed in this article but it definitely is worth the download on December 15. 

    Make some money, take down the drug cartel all from the comforts of your home, happy gaming Xiled Syndicate!


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