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  • xElysium VII
    xElysium VII

    New Release: GI Joe: Operation Blackout

    Article By: XGN Elysium

    New games get everyone excited. The idea of popping a fresh cartridge or disc into your console of choice is thrilling and exciting for every gamer. Any fans of G.I Joe should be excited about this game available for the Xbox One series X, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. G.I Joe: Operation Blackout hit the screens on October 13, 2020.

    G.I Joe and Cobra are back in an all-new third-person team shooter where you can play as 12 different characters from the G.I Joe team. There are 17 campaign missions to be played. You can play both sides and either bring G.I Joe to restore order or help Team Cobra dominate the world.

    The campaign is a traditional G.I Joe plot, with a cartoony design to it. Cobra is attacking and G.I Joe must stop it from getting worse. Published by GameMill Entertainment in North America, this is the first console G.I Joe game there has been in quite some time. The last being 2009’s classic console game The Rise of Cobra. 

    Co-op and PvP, you can play as a local party with a friend, or compete in a 4-player PVP local match. Complimented by 4 game modes, Capture the Flag, Assault, King of The Hill, and Deathmatch Arena. 

    All according to the official website, there are 18 weapons, with 36 weapon skins. There is also and a series of unique character ultimate abilities.

    If you’re a big follower of the G.I Joe franchise, this game is a third-person shooter with 20 different voice actors for iconic characters from the universe. You can watch a trailer, and purchase your copy here

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