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  • XGN Kiwis 7
    XGN Kiwis 7

    Epic Games Suing Apple

    Article By: XGN Kiwis 7

    Epic Games is suing Apple after Apple removed Fortnite from their app store. Apple citing that
    the reason for this is because Epic introduced a new way for users to buy V-Bucks (the in-game currency) that bypassed protocol on how games are supposed to handle in-game purchases.

    Epic Games, developer of the mega giant Fortnite, as well as other well-known games such as the first 3 Gears of War titles and Unreal Tournament. Also being well known for making the Unreal Engine, a game developing tool that was made to make developing games not as hard, with notable games that use it including Ark: Survival Evolved and Final Fantasy VII Remake. The company also being 40% owned by Tencent, the biggest conglomerate in all of gaming based out of China, with them being owners of notable games Valorant and League of Legends.

    Epic Games when warranting the lawsuit against Apple made a statement video on their social media profiles. The statement parodying the movie and novel 1984 where instead of the theoretical “Big Brother” ruling over all consumerism, Epic Games labeled Apple as the metaphorical “Big Brother”. Reasoning stemmed from Apple taking 30% of all in-game purchases.

    With the lowering of the price and the alternative way of purchasing, Epic Games could take home the normal amount of money they usually would take without making the player pay 30% more. This move of bypassing Apple’s storefront is against Apple’s TOS (Terms of Service) that enforces against that.

    So far in the case, Apple has acted on countersuing Epic Games. Them citing what they did violated Apple’s contract presented to all app developers were broken. Also, they claimed that they did this in a ploy to make more money of the consumer.

    With the two multi-billion-dollar companies facing off, and the Coronavirus halting many proceedings, this battle will probably last for the next year or so. This marking, another battle of the object that makes the world go round, money.

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