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  • Jessi

    EA Play Comes to Xbox Game Pass

    Article By: Jessi 7XS

    This past week we have seen a great change in gaming, a change for the better. We have been blessed with the release of the next generation in consoles with the release of the Xbox Series S, Series X, and even the PS5. 

    For those of us on Xbox, we have the opportunity to access a massive library of over 100 games with Xbox Game Pass. I know a lot of gamers highly enjoy titles such as Battlefield, Madden, FIFA, Need For Speed. Electronic Arts, EA, has recently teamed up with Xbox to bring a no cost EA Play membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate PC members. 

    On November 10th, as part of this partnership, a great selection of EA titles were added to Game Pass such as; the whole Battlefield Series, multiple Madden, UFC, NHL, titles, StarWars Fallen Jedi, Need for Speed Rivals, and even Bejeweled. Even better, EA Play is also going to be available on the Series S and Series X as well. Beginning in December 2020, those with the Game Pass Ultimate subscription on PC will also be able to download and play the EA Play offered titles as well.

    Xbox isn’t done surprising us just yet. Remember in September when Microsoft acquired Bethesda in that huge multi million deal? Since the start, Bethesda was a big supporter of Xbox’s Game Pass subscription; with this acquisition, Game Pass will be bringing Bethesda’s iconic franchises to the library for console and PC. 

    We do know it confirmed as of right now that Starfield will be available upon launch through Xbox Game Pass. However it still remains to be confirmed which exact Bethesda titles are going to be coming to Game Pass. Even so, newer Bethesda titles their console exclusivity will be decided on a case by case basis.

    If you don’t already have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you need to get on that today! You can join Game Pass Ultimate right now for $1 for your first month, and then $14.99 per month after. Xbox Game Studio titles are available on Game Pass on launch day, you get discounts on game purchases and DLC, free perks, and the benefits of Xbox Live Gold.

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