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    Doom Eternal Releases First Expansion

    Doom Eternal will be adding it’s very first expansion pack - with more to follow. Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods, Part One is opened October 20 2020. The Ancient God’s expansion is easy to navigate just like Doom Eternal itself, but definitely not meant as a starter for Doom. 

    There are new enemies added to the game, and more will come as the levels go on. If you aren't sure what is going on in the Doom Eternal world, after slaying both the resurrected Icon of Sin and the matriarch of the Maykrs, the forces of Hell have now overrun the realm of the Maykrs. In order to fill that power vacuum, Doomguy returns to Urdak to finish the fight.

    This is the first of the two part DLC, which costs 20$ USD or 30$ USD for the year pass. It introduces three new levels for the campaign as well as three new Support Runes and several new skins for Doomguy himself. The gold plated Maykr skin requires you to beat the new DLC on nightmare mode, so good luck with that one. 

    The beginning shot of the opening is the massive UAC Atlantica facility which the whole story could fit inside, but it is much more than that. Doomguy is plunged into water sharks are around and can harm you, but follow the trail of armour goodies and it is impossible to be lost. There are tons to explore once you are out of the water and have oxygen on your side again. 

    This is not a starter expansion. The creators expect you to already be deeply invested into the Doom Eternal game itself, a new player might be easily confused. Tons of things that are taught in the game are useful in the first few moments of the expansion as you move through the first hallway. For example in the first moments there are turrets that look like tiny Eyes of Sauron, only vulnerable when they're peeping out to take shots at you. 

    This DLC has the same straight forward level design that Doom Eternal has complex arenas connected by corridors and light platforming segments—The Ancient Gods opener isn't difficult to navigate, but keeps going on with plenty to discover. 

    For any die hard Doom fans, this is the start of something new for the Doom franchise. With more in depth level designs in this DLC players should be looking forward to the release of the second part. The DLC was made available October 20, 2020. 

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