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  • BGL Venom XS
    BGL Venom XS

    Dead By Daylight to Get Massive Update!

    Article By: BGL Venom XS

    A new chapter is coming soon to Dead by Daylight and this one certainly sticks out from the rest! Dead by Daylight is an online 4v1 multiplayer where 4 survivors take on the challenge of life or death. Survivors must repair generators to open the exit gates to escape, or accept the fate of being sacrificed to The Entity by a brutal killer. The more content added to the game, more possibilities of different play styles arise. This chapter is no different.

    Dead by Daylight has a dark color scheme with a darker atmosphere, but this next chapter is quite different when it comes to visuals. This Korean Pop inspired chapter is called “All Kill”, and it will be hard to ignore with it’s neon color scheme and vibrant music. There is no doubt that the fan base has already started to enjoy the new killer canon wise and fan fiction wise. The new killer is Ji-Woon Hak AKA The Trickster. A kunai throwing, former K-Pop star fueled by the attention from his fans, and the jealousy of his former bandmates. The Entity has it’s interest peaked for Ji-Woon’s bloodlust. His perks are Star Struck, Hex: Crowd Control, and No Way Out. Survivors are urged to get creative against The Trickster’s kit due to his ability to counter a large majority of altruism. 

    What is a killer without a survivor? A struggling music producer who most likely aided in Ji-Woon’s spiral into madness. Yun-Jin Lee is the new survivor, and she has the goal of evading the killer by any means necessary, even if it means compromising the safety of her fellow survivors. Her perks benefit in the Survival category. Her perks are Fast Track, Smash Hit, and Self Preservation. 

    Dead by Daylight game nights hold a special place in my heart due to how they become when they are hosted. I talked with 2 of my friends within the community got honest opinions about the new chapter. BGL THE0RY is a former red rank for both killer and survivor, and BGL Akuma is a casual player. I asked them both “When it comes to the perks, color scheme, lore, and the killer’s kit, what is your personal opinion on this upcoming chapter?” THE0RY responded with “The perks are complete overkill for The Trickster, especially for other killers when adding other perks to the mix. There's no doubt the perks are going to need a nerf. Even with these over powered perks, the character’s lore is amazing, and I think the developers did a good job with this chapter. The only problem I have is the developers need to stop creating ranged killers so often. I can pretty much call him a ranged Legion. Other than that, I’m excited.”

    When I asked Akuma his opinion, he said “The Trickster’s perks are weird, and I find Star Struck quite useless. I absolutely love the color scheme. For character design, I wish he looked a little bit differently. I don’t have much opinion on the lore but I love his ability to throw knives. The developers need to change the way he looks when he throws them.”

    This upcoming chapter has mixed reviews, but we won’t know for sure until the full release. A release date has not been confirmed due to the kit and perks subject to change, but it is expected to be heard soon. Chapter 19: All Kill is currently on the Test Server for PC users, but once it is fully released, it will be accessible to all console and PC owners. Its nice to have something fresh and new brought to the table and this chapter will be certainly different from the rest!

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