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  • XGN Arya VII
    XGN Arya VII

    Hear No Evil: How One Gamer Doesn't Let His Disability Stop His Grind

    Article By: XGN Arya VII

    In my experiences throughout life, there are many different kinds of people. There are those who are unique in many different areas such as art, music, dance, writing and gaming. There are also those who do things differently. Others that can adapt due to different circumstances. Many people don't realize how quickly the mind makes adjustments to adhere to hardships and situations. 

    It's been scientifically proven that a loss of a sense heightens your other senses. As gamers we utilize our hearing, touch and sight. These 3 senses are coherently interactive with one another while gaming. What actually happens when you are missing one of these? How does it affect a gamer? How do they adapt? This individual has adapted so well that it doesn't damper his gameplay at all. He has no auditory sensory meaning he can't hear. We interviewed him to see how his gameplay is affected and how he has personally adapted to this kind of situation. 

    AOFA Vhoggie is part of the community AOFA which stands for Army Of Fallen Angels, which was founded in 2019. He has since then been noticed by his peers and others for his amazing gameplay. While others may see his uniqueness as a disability, we here in XS do not. Having one of his senses missing, the others are in full swing as he proves to others that it is a strength. AOFA Vhoggie dominates in many games and isn't afraid to show off his skills. That being said Jessi 7XS and I had the privilege to interview Vhoggie and we were amazed at his upbeat personality and openness when it came to his situation.

    What got you into gaming in the first place?

    “Really, it was an immersion for me to forget about all fighting that was happening in my life. I grew up to an abusive / manipulating mother. So Internet/Gaming was my escape from the pain I’ve grown up in.”

    What was it like at first when you started playing multiplayer games? Did you have to make any adaptations to better suit you?

    “No adaptations. Just purely skill and how much I pay attention to the game itself. My first multi game was Modern Warfare 2/Halo Reach. So those two required a lot of attention to be able to kill and win. In real life, deaf people are often viewed as hawks because we can see 120 degrees with our vision.”

    What is it like gaming with a disability and can/do you use it to your advantage?

    “I play like normal. I don’t view my disability as my reason not to play. Yes, there’s barriers such as no mic, no headphone, but that doesn’t stop me from pursuing what I want. I sometimes use it to my advantage because, sometimes I have this gut feeling I’ll kill someone that’s crawling up behind and I did.”

    How do you overcome challenges presented by your circumstances?

    “Working really hard. I figure other ways around it. I don’t break down easily, I ask people to help me and figure out how to beat the obstacle.”

    What would you like others to know about you other than your situation?

    “The only thing I want is a friend, a mentor, just a normal person, nothing to ask for.”

    With being someone who does not have an auditory sense, in competitions have you and teammates made a "new language" or signals to help with call outs in game?

    “I’ve had teammates who have done that. It worked so well to the point where we went into semi for Roblox sword fighting. (Don’t judge lol) Often with CDL (Call of Duty League), there are no such signals since there’s distraction. Call outs will usually be typed between us in Search and Destroy. While during Domination and Hardpoint there’s no need for call outs.”

    As a community we want the best for our members and a judgement free place. We strive to be unbiased and understanding. In the end we all have our hurdles that we cope with but the love and will for gaming will always overcome. Gamers are for life and we stand united. We take the time to get to know one another through personality and spending time together. 

    There are so many more things to learn and adapt to, that we should accept all walks of life no matter their situation or their background. With that being said we in XS want to thank you for your openness and for sharing your amazing abilities with us. We look forward to getting to know more about you and others that are unique. We hope the best for you and all your future endeavors. 

    A special thank you to XGN Anarchy VII, XGN SH00T1TEX 7, and Jessi 7XS for their insight and guidance as well as assistance writing this article. 

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