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With huge games like Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, and even Fortnite up in the ranks grasping all players across all platforms; it’s hard to imagine that new games can grab gamers attention and bring them into their new title. Fresh from Electronics Arts comes a new game, Anthem. A cross between Destiny and Warframe, BioWare is hoping that Anthem can top the charts and bring a fresh adaptation to this style of games. Anthem releases February 22, 2019, on all three major platforms: Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Let’s learn more about what Anthem is, the style of gameplay, and the amount of customization that Anthem hopes will keep gamers playing their game.


Anthem can be described as a copy of Destiny, to people who don’t understand the differences, but the developers are preaching that the gameplay and the style of game will attract those Destiny fans and bring them into their game. In the Beginning, a group of heroes called the Legion of Dawn fought back the creatures that inhabited the planet and created a safe haven called Fort Tarsis. However, an old enemy called the Dominion has risen and threatens the so Hard Won peace. The character that you create is called a freelancer. An elite Javelin Pilot that always helps to protect Fort Tarsis at all costs. The main story is you and 3 other Freelancers, Owen, Faye, and Haluk, are protect Fort Tarsis and fight back against the Dominion.

Like I mentioned before, Anthem is bringing the same style of Gameplay that can be seen as a cross between Destiny and Warframe. In Destiny, players can create a character from three different classes and level that character up. Gamers can partner up with friends to help beat missions and continue to dominate. On the other end, I mentioned a game called Warframe. Warframe is a Massive Online Multiplayer game where you create a Teno to complete missions. Warframe gives individuals unlimited Tenos with a range of abilities and weapons. Anthem has those Basic customization options but they decided to take it to the next Level.

In Anthem, players get to choose from 4 different Javelins, Javelins are described as like Exo Suits that your character gets into. There are four basic Javelins for the player to choose from: the versatile Ranger, the powerhouse Colossus, the agile Interceptor, and the elemental Storm. Each handles a bit differently and favors a different attack pattern – the bulky Colossus, for instance, can’t maneuver as well as the Interceptor, but can do a lot more damage in a single hit. Each Javelin can execute two unique abilities, depending on the gear they have equipped, and a devastating ultimate ability. If gamers want to be a heavy hitting tank, then their best options to go with is Colossus. But if you want to be light armor but hit hard with elemental attacks choose the Storm. If individuals want to be an assassin pick the interceptor, or if you just want to try a well-balanced Javelin go with the Ranger. Each one of these Javelin classes brings countless customizations, each Javelin brings two pieces of offensive gear, one piece of support gear, six components, and two weapons that can be switched to match your loadout. If that isn’t enough Anthem Developers give gamers the ability to use a Forge to craft new items and upgrade them. Besides looking at the awesome customizable components, another good addition to Anthem its graphics and gameplay.
Provided below, directly from the developers, link provided, we have just a short 6-minute look at the game Anthem. Graphics can be such a huge deal for some gamers mainly because in today’s day and age we want that aesthetically pleasing game that wows us when we first play. From 2-bit side-scrolling platformers; all the way up to open world RPGs, and I must say I am not disappointed. Now I know trailers and gameplay of a game beforehand are usually the game at its best and when released tends to become sloppy, but please keep in mind BioWare has been developing this game for five years now. Anthem sets itself apart from Destiny and Warframe, even though they are mindlessly compared, not only were the Javelins movements fluid but the HUD that was on the screen showed a basic and understandable concept for a shooter, making it easier for the player to know what is what and not trying to guess how to do things. Creature of the dominion looked fierce and all too terrifying. Even the customizations of the Javelins looked pretty wicked might I say. Other than that the only Gameplay we see of this game is some repeated videos and clips.

With all these promises Anthem Developers hope to wow players with the open world. Unlike Destiny and Warframe, which are missioned based games, Anthem wants to bring that mission style game but make it pertain to the main story and keep a solid Campaign that will delight gamers.  So grab your friends, make your Freelancer and Javelin, and hop into a Massive Open world and Save Fort Tarsis, I know I will.

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