YOUR Support Keeps XS Going! (READ)


Hey everyone, I would like to take a moment to thank you for supporting the Xiled Syndicate and what we hope to accomplish here. For far too long something like this has been needed. Over time we hope to continue to enhance the gaming experience of thousands of members through the power of creation. From the beginning, I have always been a believer that the power of creative minds, when gathered, is unlimited. Together as one, we enter 2019 with a lot of exciting projects in store, many projects that are only made possible thanks to you, the communities of Xiled Syndicate. Since the launch of the Xiled Elite program we have has ambitions of creating a steady revenue for XS to utilize not only for monthly expenses but the furthering of our brand and the assurance that our future is set in stone. Complete and total independence is the goal. Through cutting-edge technology and equipment, XS will be able to launch ourselves into another realm of community/social gaming. To outline some of the things your monthly, tri-monthly or yearly contribution as low as $3 will help us accomplish in 2019. -Custom Community Events Software (Tournaments, Leagues, Wager Matches, Pay To Enter High-Prized Events and more) -Mobile Applications -Mobile Games -Game Development -Professional Marketing Digital Designs and Campaigns -Weekly Recruiting and Skilled Competitions for premium prizes -Web Server Upgrades and continued support -eSports Opportunities for MEMBERS - Xiled Elite Subscription Crate

We want to make clear how much your time and loyalty alone means to Xiled Syndicate, we could never expect more than that. Time and Effort is invaluable and you offer that to this family and for that we thank you. The Xiled Elite program is for those that have an extra $3-$9 a month and want to assist this movements expenses and optimization. I'm a firm believer we can accomplish everything we hope to accomplish and ensure our place in time forever via the FEW dollars of the MANY. We will not sell out, we will not change our core values and ideas for nothing, especially for external support. We can accomplish this on our own, independently. Again, thank you for your time, loyalty, effort and for those that have it to spare, their monthly contributions. Over time I will continue to post updates of what OUR money is being used for and the cost of our expenses. This is OUR family and together we make it what it is.

Much Love, -Mr XGN