Shoutbox Rules

Chief Killzone

Rules For the Chat Box

Do not flame (disrespect) other forum members. Please keep in mind that what you may consider a joke may be seen as offensive by someone else. If somebody is purposely starting a problem or continuing one, report it to a Forum Staff member.

Do not use abusive language of any kind.

Asking and/or pestering Forum Staff for Moderator abilities consistently will result in suspensions. Also, asking to be "Banned" or "Deleted" will result in such action, even if in a joking manner. Since by the request of a member, we have ZERO obligation to unban after action is taken.

Do not spam the Chat Box, meaning do not multipost/spam mass posts in the Chat Box in words, full caps lock, and/or emote icons. The maximum amount of shouts in a row in the Chat Box is Three. If you should go over, you will be given a verbal warning.

Regarding Video links/Images:
You can post videos in the Chat Box *Only if hidden inside the Spoiler BB code, and if it's in accordance to the content rules for the forums. Note: DO NOT post excessively. DO NOT post links to images that violate any other rule, the XGN Code of Conduct, or anything that is morally or ethically questionable.

We have a ZERO tolerance for Pornography and will result in a PERMANENT ban from the forums.

Do not avoid the auto-filter. Certain words are filtered for a reason. Willfully avoiding the Auto-Filter includes replacing letters with similar characters. It's highly noticeable when people are actively avoiding the filter.

All other rules and the XGN Code of Conduct apply to the Chat Box and it's use. The use of the Chat Box is a privilege which can be revoked at any time, at the discretion of the Forum Staff.

The general punishment guidelines are as follows:

1st Offense: Verbal Warning (Depending on the infraction)
2nd Offense: Warning on the Forums with 1 to 2 day Chat Box Ban.
3rd Offense: Another Warning and 1 week Chat Box Ban.
4th Offense: Banned from the Chat Box indefinitely. (Can appeal Chat Box Ban in Court Area after 30 days)
Note: Punishments are subject to change at the Forum Administration's discretion. Every situation is different, and may or may not call for different discipline than what is noted above.
Forum Disclaimer: The Management of XGN has zero tolerance for any violations of the Forum Rules. In addition, the Leadership of XGN is not responsible for the actions of any forum member.

-Web Staff