Era of Xiled.

January 1st, 2019, today is the official launch of Xiled Syndicate. Let me begin by explaining our purpose, I suppose the “WHY” is vital in any movement. In this age of gaming, unfortunately, the agendas of most are devious. Too many organizations of the community genre tolerate or encourage cyberbullying, cyber harassment and forms of cyber terrorism. The number of successful, positive safe-havens for gamers to take part in has diminished over the last ten years, leaving the gaming community culture sparse and moribund.

Being the Founder and Owner of Xiled Gaming Network, one of the few stable gaming communities in 2018, have reached out to some of the greatest gaming community leaders of all time, mixed with a combination of new school community leaders hungry to prove they belong and eager to expand the gaming community culture.

Xiled Gaming Network, Killjoy Network, The Xiled Ones, Banished Gaming Legends, Fallen Angels of Sorrow.
Together we are Xiled Syndicate, As 1 unified movement, we will create safe gaming environments for players worldwide to take part in and have fun. Together Xiled Syndicate will bring exciting, enjoyable and rewarding tournaments and events for members of all five communities to take part in.

We’re extremely excited to share what we’ve been working on with the gaming world.
Xiled Syndicate will enhance the experience of gamers worldwide by offering larger game-nights, more complex tournaments on the largest variety of games any community has ever attempted to support. Our hope is to reinstall the art of respectful community competition and rivalries that are exciting to watch and even more thrilling for the players. Activity is vital to any organization and by XS sharing all departments, this allows us to create the best and most talented staff in the genre.

Not only does Xiled Syndicate utilizes unified department staff(s) but also 1 Code of Conduct, 1 Rank Structure, 1 Blacklist, 1 Handbook, and all testing materials. This ensures all communities of XS possess Knowledge to Excel.

Knowledge is the single most important trait acquired in Xiled Syndicate. At the root of any gaming community is its members. In seeking to better sustain the growth of positive gaming communities through promoting practices which are self-sustainable and build on the knowledge of individuals interested in furthering the cause of the movement, we have created a time-tested strategy of building, training, and honing the skills of our officers and everyday members alike. It is our hope, as a unit, that we may continue to facilitate the sharing of ideas between communities allied with Xiled Syndicate. We understand, as a whole, that no system is perfect nor that we have the perfect solution to all questions. As such, we hope to share our ideas to those which can implement them and learn new and innovate ways to tackle obstacles from one another.

There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance. We, as Xiled Syndicate, hope to successfully facilitate the spreading of knowledge, cultivate the individual talents of the gamer, and grow our communities in a way that supports positivity rather than success through the failure of others.

As we enter the year 2019, let us all focus on our collective vision. Let us focus on moving forward.
Expect more announcements throughout the year, updating you on Xiled Syndicate missions, goals and fun!

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