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Many times in Xiled Syndicate as a news team member I’ve had the opportunity to interview some amazing leaders. There have been Board of Directors, Senior Directors and many more, but never had I been able to interview the one and only XGN Jessi 7. Being a Department Head she has always been the one to interview others and delegate duties. However for as hard as she works there has been very few who have taken the time to interview her or know what she does as a leader. Not only is she a close friend but also one of the most amazing people I know. I sat down with Jessi to talk with her on what she does as such. Her answers were nothing short of astounding.



A: “To be honest, when I first joined XGN I didn’t know I was going to be this involved. When I was recruited I thought I was joining a community where people just play together. I never realized the amount of structure until I was trained in. At that point, I honestly didn’t think I’d come as far as I have.”



A: “I was in Clan Ops for awhile. The story is long with that one. But my highest rank was Founder of DoH, the last 360 division. I left because I was getting a promotion at work, and my work schedule didn’t work out with the meeting schedule. I didn’t want to be an absent staff member and let people down, so I retired from Clan Operations. I tried to make a return last year, a buddy of mine in WaG convinced me I could make it work and was even willing to change squad meeting days to help me succeed. Because it had been well over a year since I had been in Clan Ops I came into Revenge WaG as a 2nd CPT. Things were going well, until I got more responsibility at work and I again didn’t want to let anyone down, or hold a staff position from someone who could be there 100%.”


Q: What would you like others to know before joining department ops?

A: “I think the biggest thing is be aware of your current schedule. When joining a department you are becoming part of a team that is responsible for helping to provide XS members with a great experience. The team needs to be able to function properly, so if you are going to join, just be sure you do have time to dedicate to the department to be able to handle your given responsibilities. If you join a department and your situation changes, be honest with the department head and communicate that you will have to leave, don’t just leave everyone hanging to pick up your slack without saying anything.”


Q: How difficult can things become being the head of a department?

A: “Well if you are like me, and don’t want to let anyone down, it can become difficult. For example, if you have assigned staff specific tasks and they tell you they will do them but don’t, if you have a deadline you will find yourself doing it all to make sure it gets done on time. It can become stressful, and you’ll stress yourself out and get frazzled. The thing that I don’t look forward to is being the bad cop. I don’t like having to get on people because they aren’t taking care of their responsibilities, or letting people go from the team, but for the department to run effectively it’s something that you may need to do. Even at work irl (I always laugh when I say that), I have to do the same thing as a Manager. I have had to pull people aside, write them up even. I don’t like doing it, but it’s part of the position.”


Q: What does your job as head of XS News entail?

A: “Well, I haven’t officially been given the title of XS Chief of Journalism, but when a certain situation unfolded, Bree asked if I would assist. Of course being that I have experience and wanting to help I said yes. Being in this position entails ensuring there are capable and active staff on the department, collecting articles and giving a final review and edit before they are posted to the XS Homepage, posting articles to the Homepage, assigning articles to writers for them to complete by a given deadline, coming up with article ideas for the writers to assist them.”


Q: When you start accepting applications what qualities are you looking for?

A: “Well when I first look at an application I look at the part where it asks if the member is in any other Departments or Teams, because this will play a big role in their availability and their ability to complete articles on time. I have found in the past that members who are already in 2 other Departments on top of Clan Operations, end up leaving news after not even a week because they don’t have time. Another quality I look for is their writing ability, does the writer have the concept of good spelling and grammar, does the writer have confidence in their writing, does the writer use excessive “text speak” when they are writing. So what a writer gives as a sample work with their application is key, because I will read it multiple times. XS News is expected to produce quality work, and in order to do that we need to have quality writers.”


Q: What fears/apprehensions did you have/overcome when you were asked to oversee the news department?

A: “When I was asked to oversee the XS News Department, one thing I was worried about was writers that were on the team having an issue with change to make the team more structured. Sure enough I had a writer that instantly dismissed me and the changes I needed to make, because “that’s not what **blanked out gt here** told us we could do”. The other concern I had was not getting applications for writers. I feel like it’s always so hard to get writers.”


Q: When you think about the news team what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

A: “The first thing that comes to mind, is coming up with article ideas. Always looking for ideas whether is be gaming, sponsor news, community news, member spotlights. It gets a little stressful sometimes because sometimes you need to cover news ASAP, and in order to be able to do that, you need to have capable staff.”


Q: What are a few things you want others to know about you?

A: “hmmm. Well I’m not really an evil person like everyone makes me out to be. I get the feeling a lot like people don’t want to give me a chance, but they really should because I’m actually a really chill person. I absolutely HATE having to go grocery shopping 100%, it’s a pain in the butt.”


Q: Are there any last thoughts or advice you’d like to leave with us on departments or leadership?

A: “The biggest thing and I can’t stress it enough, communication is key. To anything really, not just being a leader, or being in a department, but in life as well. If you have things going on and can’t keep up, let your leaders know. If you’re stressed out and need help, ask for it. The biggest thing I have learned lately is that as much as I want to be, I am not super woman, I only have two hands and so much time. The important part is that you give your best, and take things 1 step at a time. Don’t be afraid to say you need to step away, or that you need help. I haven’t always had someone that was there for me to ask for help or to vent to, so I always try my best to be that person for someone who needs it.”


With all that being said and done I want to take the time to thank Jessi for all her hard work and dedication that she’s put into Xiled Syndicate. She has done more than an amazing job. I look forward to learning as much as I can from her, because she has inspired me to do so much better with all the things that I see her doing. So with that being said I want to take a moment and say XGN Jessi 7 thank you for all you do you have done and will do. You have such a bright future ahead of you and I look forward to being part of that.


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