As plenty of you may have begin to see on Social Media this week XGN leadership has been busy.. After several months of preparation and years of hard work Xiled Gaming Network has finally decided to launch our own actual Network. This network was named Xiled Syndicate. We felt it was very important our name we’re known for “Xiled” carries over with us in this new extension of our organization.

What does Xiled Syndicate do?

Xiled Syndicate (XS) is a coalition of gaming organizations just like XGN. XS unites brands with common goals to introduce planned and prized events to our members. XS also works together on comman goals such as fundraisers and donation drives. Moving forward it’s imppossible to say what this will become,, but we know it’s great and we have alot to share with you very soon, be patient!

Who makes up XS?

Currently the founding organizations of XS is Xiled Gaming Network, Killjoy Network and XGN’s 1st Sister Community we plan to launch January 1st 2019 known as The Xiled Ones (TXO). Xiled Syndicate will work to ensure members of all organizations have fun and enjoy the community experience.

Are we still XGN?!

YES! haha, XS is just like.. a parent company. It’s like how the United States is apart of the United Nations. We’re all different organizations with common goals.

I wish I could share more, but that would spoil the fun! haha.
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The Culture Depends on US!


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